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N3ck & Decepticon Meet Acti - If The Bitch Can't Swim, Style:Hardstyle, Label: Banging Beatz. Welcome to the Transformers official website! Learn more about the ongoing battle between the Autobots and Decepticons -- More than Meets the Eye!. [Hardstyle] I run New York (x??) We bring some motherfucking noise to NYC So shut up and listen! (Fight us down) While my dad try to spin my.

I'm just a creative old soul using the books and movies to satisfy my fantasies. He looked at the teen with sad optics, surveying the comatose human for any signs of waking up. It had been two years since the boy went into a coma after shoving the All-Spark into Megatron's chest which effectively killed the Decepticon leader. Two years of both humans and Autobots waiting for their savior to wake up.

Quite a lot happened after the boy defeated Megatron resulting in the remaining Decepticons fleeing for their lives. The Autobots were now exposed to the public though only the President of the United States of America, his Secretary of Defense, and the American Military knew the full story of their existence. It was a closely guarded secret that they weren't ready to reveal yet in full.

Clean up was immediately started, the American government diverting billions of dollars into the restoration of Mission City which was the battleground of the most recent Autobot-Decepticon war. Also, money was diverted into the creation of a base where the Autobots and the veterans of Mission City would hole up and train in case more Decepticons appeared, put them out of commission with a joint task force approved by the US Government and the Pentagon. Despite Megatron's death, his minions were still around giving everyone a migraine so this was a necessary move as a counter strike.

The presence of James and his actions in Mission City revealed the existence of another group of humans who had the same powers as the teen, though Ratchet could feel that it wasn't as powerful as the human sleeping on the bed in front of him. They were ants compared to what James could do and it felt right thinking that.

Of course, the President knew what happened so he immediately called up a meeting to include the Secretary of Defense, Optimus Prime, and some soldiers who witnessed James in action, namely Major Lennox and Sergeant Epps. After the two-day storytelling cum discussion, it was unanimously decided that James Evanson would be awarded a position in the US Military as a consultant due to this actions that saved thousands of lives and Earth as a whole. The US Minister of Magic knew who James really was since he was the one who approved of the boy to become a citizen.

The man was in awe of the teen since not only did the boy survive the Killing Curse as a babe, it would seem that Harry Potter, now James Evanson, was a hero again, but this time, at a much large scale.

It was then that the US Ministry of Magic awarded James Evanson a position in the magical government, to serve as a liaison for the mundane government and the Autobots. Also, the Minister made sure that every wrinkle and bumps about James stay in the US would be smoothed out since he knew that Britain was currently on a warpath to find their savior due to Voldemort finally coming out of the closet like the proverbial boogeyman.

To that end, he gave James Evanson full adult status so no one would be able to control the boy. After telling the President his reasons, his counterpart immediately did the same and got the paperwork rolling to that effect.

It was a week later that James Evanson was considered a full adult by both mundane and magical government. Britain no longer had a hold on him and it was better that way.

Despite how much the three superpowers wanted to celebrate this appointment, they couldn't because the teen that was the cause of their happiness was still in a coma, the result of his chivalrous act of sacrificing himself to save the world.

It didn't surprise everyone that James had a lot of visitors while sleeping. Autobots, wizards, witches, and military personnel would drop by the hospital wing to whisper to the boy their thanks while telling him to wake up and join them soon. Among the Autobots, it was Jazz who took James incapacitation the worst. After explaining to his fellow bots that James saved his life from being snuffed out by Megatron, they understood immediately.

The Cybertronians had a strict honor code and Jazz was honor-bound to his duty to serve as James' bodyguard until the teen no longer wished his company — though many doubted that since everyone knew how James looked up to the Jazz, both as a companion and a friend. It was a normal sight to see Jazz kneeling beside the bed of James Evanson for hours to days, until Ratchet would shove him out for a recharge.

No one messes with the medical bot and even Optimus made sure not to anger the 'Mother Hen of the Hospital Wing' as the soldiers dubbed him. A lot happened with the Autobots in the span of two years while James was in a coma. Optimus' broadcast across the galaxy reached quite a few Autobots who immediately came to Earth. The first who came were the triplets — Arcee, Chromia, and Elita- three sister-bots who took the form of motorcycles and expensive ones too.

The second pair to arrive was the Twins — Skid and Mudflap, the most notorious pranksters among the Autobots. These two were shortly followed by Jolt and Sideswipe.

and decepticon meet acti

The newcomers were immediately briefed as to what happened to Megatron and the battle at Mission City. The new bots looked at James in awe and was saddened that a boy who sacrificed so much to help them was now stuck in bed, not knowing if he would ever wake up. Some Decepticons did appear after the fall of Megatron but they were immediately put down by the joint effort of the Autobots and NEST operatives. However, in the past few months, there was an increase in Decepticon activity and it worried everyone on the base why that was.

They all knew that something was stirring in the Decepticon's side of the fence and they didn't like it that they knew little to none. Ratchet sighed and was about to leave the room when one of his Cybertronian monitoring devices he created using Earth technology beeped.

Surprised, the medical bot immediately went back to the console and saw an increase in James' mental activity.

It would seem that James was waking up. He immediately went out of the room to find Optimus. Everyone definitely needed to know that their savior was going to be with them soon. His grin widened when he thought of Jazz and how he would react that his charge was coming back online, so to speak. The hospital wing was quite crowded — eleven Autobots and the veterans of Mission City which includes Lennox and Epps; all crowded together in the large room waiting for James to wake up.

Their breaths hitched, well those who needed oxygen anyway, when they heard a huge beep from the monitoring system and saw the rapid increase in James' brain activity from the screen. Their breath's hitched again, but this time accompanied by an expectant shifting of metal from the bots, when they heard James groan. They were surprised, though, when the first thing that came out of the teen's mouth was a curse.

He groggily looked around until he saw everyone looking at him with happiness on their faces. The combination of human shouts and robot voices made everything incomprehensible to his ears.

Annoyed at the noise since he was still a big groggy, he raised his hand and channeled a bit of his magic to cause something similar to a noisemaker to shut them up. He didn't expect for a huge magical surge to travel from his core to his hand which made the bang quite loud. It was definitely loud enough since it released a small shockwave that threw the humans back and the bots to stagger as if hit by an invisible wind. I was in a coma for two years and three months. The bloody President of the United States of America awarded me a rank in the military as a consultant.

The US Minister of Magic awarded me a position of being a liaison for being the only wizard who had connections with the US government and with the Autobots; and Optimus, in his fried circuit for a brain, decided to award ME of all people with the position of being a consultant and spokesperson of the Cybertronian race to the people of Earth. Did I miss anything? It didn't hurt that his tone was getting more hysterical as he rambled on much to the amusement of everyone in the room.

James stared at Lennox in confusion for a few seconds before a look of horror appeared on his face as he realized what he was being saddled with. To top it all off, he couldn't refuse since these appointment were given to him by two heads of the government that he was a subject of. What James didn't expect was for a surge of magic and an unknown energy to fly out in a wave from his fist.

The wave of energy hit the monitoring devices beside his bed causing it to shudder. A few seconds later, the machines transformed into tiny robots that looked around with their green optics in confusion before it landed on him.

James could see the look of happiness and awe in their optics. Everyone was looking at James and the three new bots in the room in silence though this was broken when James cursed. Ratchet immediately went to his side and started running a thorough scan of the teen who was shaking his head in obvious frustration. It was ten minutes later that Ratchet was staring at the LCD on his wrist with a look of fascination and horror. James saw this and felt his gut clench.

He knew that what Ratchet found was going to be bad news, especially for him. From what I gather, the energy reading I am getting from you is the same signature as the cube. The howl of rage that James emitted caused everyone, both human and bot, to shiver in pure fear. James spent a month in the NEST base trying to determine where his life was going and to discover the full extent of his new powers though Ratchet likened it to an upgrade of sorts.

After discovering that he was the new All-Spark because his magic bonded with the cube's energy before shoving it into Megatron's chest, he interviewed Optimus Prime and Ratchet of everything they knew of the Cybertronian artifact since he wanted to know what he was now capable off.

Considering how he turned the devices in the room during his outburst, it was quite obvious that he attained some abilities that only the All-Spark could produce. According to Prime, the Cube was a remnant of an unknown civilization since they had no relevant data of its creation or capabilities.

However, it was the Cube that created Cybertron, the Transformers' home planet, and the Transformers themselves. He likened it to how Earth viewed God as the creator of the planet and mankind and James couldn't help but agree with that analogy. In regards to its capabilities, they only knew of its ability to supply unlimited amount of Energon, a cube of highly-compressed All-Spark energy that sustains the Spark within a Transformer.

It could also create new Transformers by directing its energy to a non-sentient machine. Ratchet, however, provided a more direct explanation considering that he was the Chief Medical Officer of Cybertron before the war and directly used the Cube's energy to help with repairs. According to the medical bot, the Cube was used as a means to repair Transformers to their peak condition by channeling a bit of its power through a buffer of sorts.

Ratchet mentioned that without the buffer to control the surge of All-Spark energy, it would blow up the Spark within a Transformer, killing them in the process. This was what happened to Megatron. These explanations made it possible for James to find a common ground between the All-Spark and Magic itself. For starters, the All-Spark had the capability to create life though James decided that the Transformers weren't alive but more of a machine with a brain that can make decisions for itself.

This was similar to Transfiguration, transforming one object to another, and using Charms to give it a semblance of sentience and life through animation.

James also theorized that the All-Spark may be one of the theoretical 'Source of Magic' discussed by many wizarding philosophers.

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After all, it had to come from somewhere and the Cube did crash into Earth a few millennia ago so it was quite possible that the Cube's energy jumpstarted the appearance of Magic into select humans, a pseudo-evolution so to speak. This may be the reason why the All-Spark bonded with James' magic.

Since he was practically the strongest magic user around, the Cube immediately bonded to him. However, James had to ask why it felt that bonding with the All-Spark was right and made him feel complete. That was a question that would be quite difficult to answer without knowing the origin of the artifact. Since he became the All-Spark in human form, he agreed to experiment with Ratchet in how to properly use the Cube's energy.

But before that would happen, James would be in deep meditation to determine what really happened to his core. After all, that was the first step in properly controlling magic as the goblin healer informed him back in Britain. James went into a trance and dived deep into his subconscious to finally meet with his new core. Before the All-Spark incident, his core appeared in the form of an orb, its depths were a hodgepodge of colors ranging from red to black.

After the incident, however, James' core looked quite different — the orb was gone to be replaced by the Cube! Like his orb, the cube-like core was semi-transparent, allowing James to see some sort of a blue spark within. The colors that was the once inside the orb-core were now outside the cube-core, releasing streaks of different-colored energies as it flew around. It felt alive, really alive, and it whispered to James to be used and manipulated. If his magic was eager before, it was like an obedient puppy now, waiting to please its master.

James had a feeling that the more he used his new magic, the more powerful and easier to manipulate it would be. While in meditation, James also noticed some additions to his mindscape. Upon arriving in America, James bought a book on Occlumency and spent a majority of his year creating his mindscape and mental shields.

He turned his mindscape into a replica of Hogwarts Library since he found the place his place of solitude. However, after waking up from his coma and merging with the All-Spark, he noticed a new wing to his mindscape library and it was huge.

There were hundreds, if not thousands of memory books in the new wing. He opened some of them only to see them written in a language alien to him though he felt a nudge in his mind that it should be familiar.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't decipher the rune-like language much to his frustration. When he showed Ratchet some of the runes he memorized, the medical bot told him that it was the language of the Primes, an old Cybertronian language that disappeared when the original Primes left Cybertron. Only Optimus would know how to read, much less decipher them. James made a mental note to ask Optimus to share his knowledge of the rare Cybertronian language or have it downloaded to a computer to be studied in his spare time.

After all, it was quite possible that the Cube contained the knowledge of its own creation or its creators which inadvertently passed on to him when he bonded with the All-Spark.

If he could somehow read and decipher their meaning then it would be a boon to both Autobots and humankind if used properly. After the meditation, James adjourned to the firing range to see how much his spells change after the merging. Aside from being more powerful, the only difference was the new ability to create a solid energy-like construct that he could shape and control.

He tested it in different scenarios and found out that it was similar to some of those American comics he read during his spare time. If he was to compare it to something, he would liken it to how Green Lantern used his ring. He could make any solid constructs as long as he had the energy to sustain them and with his ability to absorb ambient energy, it was almost impossible for him to run out unless he drained his core in one go.

He immediately experimented with it by using Green Lantern as a template and surprisingly, his experiments yielded amazing results. Since his magic changed into something similar to the All-Spark's energy, he decided to call his unique magic the Mage-Spark.

Tacky but it worked. He tested his Mage-Spark shield against Ironhide's barrage much to Jazz's protest but the weapon specialist couldn't make a dent even with his most powerful combination of energy cannons and missiles. James had to laugh himself silly when he saw the giant robots face after the first barrage exploded harmlessly on his shield. Another thing that James noted was the lack of strain in holding the shield against continuous fire unlike what he experienced when protecting his friends from Starscream's attacks.

Another test that James eagerly dove into was his favorite method of flying. He couldn't fly at adrenalin-rushing speeds no matter how much he tried. However, with the Mage-Spark version, he could cover his entire body with a shield construct and achieve a method of flight that was more welcome than his Firebolt. After a few test runs, he could float, fly, and even zoom through air without having to put much thought into the action.

This was definitely one change that he definitely liked. When James had a control over his magic, the next test was to determine how much of the All-Spark's ability did he gain.

Since the Energon Batteries the Autobots had were almost depleted, Ratchet hooked James up to a converter panel to see if it would siphon the Cube energy in him directly into the battery. They were surprised that it did that but at a much faster rate.

In most cases, it would take a day to completely fill up an Energon Battery that would power a Transformer for a year back in Cybertron. Using human electricity requires at least a week to fill up a single battery which was how the Autobots were sustained while on Earth though they had to use their energy sparingly because of how slow the conversion was.

In most cases, they had to refrain from being trigger happy with their energy weapons to reduce the drain. James' Mage-Spark combination filled up the battery in under five minutes and he wasn't even winded. When Ironhide found out that they had an almost endless supply of energy at their disposal, the bot immediately went to the firing range and used his cannons at their fullest.

James had to stop the trigger-happy Autobot because even if they had plenty of Energon for him to use, they didn't have enough money to replace the damage to the firing range and Ironhide was nothing but destructive with his toys.

At the end of the test, Ratchet and James finally ended up filling ten Energon Batteries to the brim giving the bots a solid energy source for years. Optimus had to thank James for that since they had been pulling their punches, afraid of running low on energy during engagement. The last test was to determine James' ability to create new Transformers. While James was deep in meditation to investigate the changes in his magic, Ratchet took the time to study the new bots.

The monitoring and diagnostic bots were similar to the original Transformers though their mentality was that of a child due to being newly created. The weird thing was the new bots' ability to immediately transform into their alt mode since the original Transformers had to wait for their system to go into a maturity of sorts before they could do that. Another fact that Ratchet discovered that the 'sparklings' energy were similar to that of James' Mage-Spark.

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It was twice as powerful and had a higher output than your run-of-the-mill Transformers. Meaning, the bots James created or would create were faster, stronger, and more resilient than their counterparts. James had to stamp his foot down and disagreed when Ratchet brought out a few earth machines for him to transform since he didn't have full control of his Mage-Spark to safely extract the required energy to create new bots.

Considering what happened in the hospital wing where James' bout of rage turned five medical equipments into Transformers, he didn't want to take the chance in potentially turning ALL the machines in NEST to new Autobots. That was just too much to handle at this point in time. Not all the time were used for testing and experiments much to Ratchet and Optimus' persistenece. James would often spend an hour or two every day with Lennox and Epps as they drilled into him the various protocols involving the US military.

Defense Secretary Keller also assisted James by teaching him how the government worked and the chain of command. Optimus also gave him a history lesson of Cybertron, Autobots, and Decepticons. Fortunately for James, he was mildly talented with his Legilimency that he could just skim through the minds of Lennox, Epps, and Defense Secretary Keller to speed up the lessons, with their permission of course. James also spent time outside lessons to indulge in a bit of storytelling since he missed a lot of action while he was in a healing coma.

James was disheartened that Sam decided to wash his hands off the Autobots since the boy wanted to live his life normally while attending college. If there was one thing James learned in life, there was no such thing as normal. His life was a living testament to that.

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Once you've been touched by the unknown, expect it to come back worst than ever and bite you in the rump with a vengeance. In the end, James decided to give Sam the space he needed.

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Besides, if the increasing Decepticon's activity was anything to go by, Sam would be in the center of the mess…again with James backing the teen up. J James was also happy that despite how Sam didn't want to see Bumblebee, or any bots for that matter, the Camaro was still around to make sure that his charge was alright.

James could feel a migraine forming after his talk with the American President and the American Minister of Magic. Thanks to the technology and magical advancement of the United States, James didn't bother to go to a conference in Washington or subject himself to hours kneeling on the floor in a floo conversation. Instead, he talked with the two heads using a large monitor in the command center of the NEST base. The computer was the most advanced on Earth thanks to the help of the bots and it was easy to broadcast his signal directly to the two Presidents and start their video conference from there.

As it stood, because of his appointment of being the liaison between the magical community, the American mundane community, and the Cybertronian race Autobots onlyJames had three Ambassadorial badges under his belt. Such was the case, he was given command of the NEST base and its operations though it wouldn't start immediately since he was woefully uneducated in the matters of both military and law.

However, James had firepower in spades due to his magic and the bots backed him up. Temporarily, he would be working alongside Optimus Prime in a joint commander position and the human NEST operatives would be subjected to both of their commands within reason. This made it a bit awkward for James since his status as an Ambassador and co-Commander of NEST resulted in all military personnel giving him the salute every time he came around.

He had to ask Lennox to teach him the protocols because one officer practically saluted at him and remained in position for 10 minutes before Epps was kind enough to whisper to James what to do in order to get the man to drop it.

All he had to do was to return the salute and that was it. The bots were also looking at him differently because of his status as the human All-Spark. According to Jazz when the two hung out outside the base to relax, James was an equivalent to a god for them because of his ability to create Transformers and supply them with unlimited amount of energon for their Sparks.

James spluttered at being likened to a god and immediately had a row with Prime to drop the worship-like adoration on the bots faces. In the end, after two hours of debate much to the amusement of everyone who heard, James finally made his point that he was at the same level as everyone in the base — both human and bots. He was just different because of his 'superpowers. This practically made everyone endeared him to them because of his modest attitude.

James didn't notice that his popularity just went up a notch because of that statement.

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It was two months after waking up from his coma that James had a visitor. It was the first time that a magical creature stepped foot into the base. Considering that everyone bar James have not seen a goblin up close and personal, they were quite wary when the little guy suddenly popped in unannounced in the middle of a general meeting discussing the increase in Decepticon activity on Earth.

Griphook stared wide eyed at the human and Autobots baring their weapons down at his small form. It was thanks to his battle-hardened will that he didn't soil his pants after facing so many weapons in the face. Thankfully, James was there and immediately recognized his account manager.

When they didn't comply, he decided to take it up a notch. He channeled a bit Mage-Spark into his voice and barked. James noted their reactions and inwardly smirked.

Now he knew how to make them listen to him when stubborn and wondered if it would work on Ratchet. The Mother Hen of the Hospital Wing was unbearable at times when his health was concerned. The base is a bit high strung at the moment.

He addressed everyone after that. Have fun boys and bots. Optimus, Jazz, Lennox, Epps, please remain. I have a feeling that all of you will need to hear what Griphook is going to discuss with me. Griphook stared wide-eyed at the casual display of powerful wandless magic though the signature was a bit off but it still held some of his clients familiar…scent, so to speak. It has been two years since I last saw you and when I do, you display astounding control over your magic that would make Dumbledore and Voldemort green with envy.

He remembered the weapons they aimed at him and inwardly shivered. Yes, definitely would make Dumbledore and Voldemort green with envy. Or more importantly, how did you find me here? I immediately went to see the American Minister of Magic to inquire about your whereabouts. Considering that I am your account manager and have sworn a vow of compliance to serve you until you release me or when my duty ends if your estate dries out, he told me everything about what happened in the past years.

I daresay that you're leading your life to quite an adventure. I think I know what he meant by the 'or else' part. I almost shit my pants. This is Optimus Prime, my co-Commander, so to speak pointing at the large red blue bot in the room. Jazz pointing at the silver bot is Optimus' lieutenant and my bodyguard.

Lennox and Epps are my lieutenants and second-in-command of the human personnel on base. Guys, I want you to meet Griphook, a goblin account manager of my estates back in Britain and my friend. Without him, I wouldn't be here in America.

The realm of magic has been well hidden that no trace of your presence are available on the Internet. I would like to apologize for baring our weapons upon your entrance but considering the state of alert we are in, we didn't take any chance. If I was in your shoes then I would have hacked first, ask questions later. No wonder you and Ironhide are best buds. Why did you come here, Griphook? Considering that you're actively looking for me, I would assume that something is wrong back home?

But let me get the formalities out of the way first. No activities in your family vault other than yours and unsound investments were liquidated and the money used in more profitable ventures. Let me just say that I am currently one of the richest goblin in Gringotts.

Now, tell me the real reason why you came here, Griphook. I assume this has something to do with the war? The word 'war' made everyone look at him in shock.

There was a war? Where and with who? James saw the looks so he decided to come clean. He told everyone in attendance his story, his discovery of magic, his life at Hogwarts, Voldemort and his Death Eaters, the Ministry of Magic and Wizarding Britain, and finally, the war.

He also told them that his birth name was Harry James Potter though he changed it to James Evanson to make sure that Britain wouldn't be able to find him and start a new life. Epps merely nodded though he did give a salute of respect to James direction which made the teen smile before returning it.

As Lennox said, you have always been James Evanson. As we have agreed, I used the funds in your Trust Vault to create a spy network of sorts that encompassed Wizarding Britain.

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Thanks to this, I have quite a treasure trove of information that would prove useful if you ever decide to return and take care of Voldemort for good.

I have no such plans, Griphook. The repercussions are dire if left unattended. This didn't bode well for James but decided to listen.

Tell me everything you know. I will answer your questions to the best of my abilities after that. Because of this, I had a clear picture of what is happening and what will possibly happen in the future. But the story starts when you were still a baby and have shaped your life as it is today. I found this out through one of my connection in the Department of Mysteries.

He informed me that that in the Halls of Prophecy, there is an orb that pertains to your birth and the downfall of Voldemort. I don't know what the prophecy says in verbatim but if you want to know of its full content then you need to go back and visit the Ministry and take the prophecy.

The orbs are spelled that only the maker of the prophecy, those who heard it, and who it pertained to may take it from its protections. Being a member of the Order of the Phoenix along with Hermione Granger and some of your classmates after graduation, I assumed that he had loads of information on him that would bring light to the situation and my assumption was correct. I used his desire for money to get the information I need.

He was quite…amendable to the arrangement. The old coot didn't reveal the entire content of the prophecy only that it states that you will be born and will have the power that the dark lord doesn't that would bring him down. As it also stands, Dumbledore knew of your relevance to the war so he orchestrated your life, starting with your placement with the Dursleys.

The debacle with the Philosopher's stone in your first year was a test of sorts to determine if you had the potential to bring down Voldemort. It would seem that you passed with flying colors, well, according to Dumbledore anyway. You also proved your worth during your second year when you the specter of the Heir of Slytherin, Slytherin's basilisk, and saving Ginerva Weasley from death.

As far as the information went, there were a few that acted negatively to that order, namely your godfather Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, and Alastor Moody. Those four left the Order and started their own movement to support you and against Voldemort and Dumbledore. The others are purely on Dumbledore's side of the fence and believed that you needed his help to bring down the Dark Lord. That didn't work thanks to the Order of the Phoenix and the fight that broke out resulted in Voldemort finally revealing himself to the magical world.

It was quite unfortunate for Minister Fudge to appear and only to be hit by a Killing Curse since aside from the prophecy, the second objective was to kill him which succeeded.

Voldemort was now active during and have resorted to raiding muggleborn families and killing them. Some escaped thanks to the Order but others were too late to be saved. All his secrets came out and his hand in the death of your family. Because of this, Sirius Black case was dropped and is now a free man. I would like to mention that he took the Black Lordship and is now Lord Black. It was a gamble since he didn't know how Scrimgeour would react but his gamble paid off.

The Minister deployed Aurors all over the globe to search for you. However, this act didn't go without repercussions. Dumbledore fought tooth and nail to get his point across but it was in vain. After a month-long debate; everyone closed their borders on Wizarding Britain, effectively making sure that Voldemort stays within his base of operation.

There is currently a standing order on other countries that Voldemort and his Death Eaters would be subjected to Killing Curses and to be killed on the spot. British Aurors found in their soil would be stunned, interrogated, before being deported back to Britain with a heavy fine.

and decepticon meet acti

Muggleborn families have left the country in droves and have settled in other countries who accepted them with open arms. As of right now, the population of muggleborns numbered below thirty since they left after discovering that they were being hunted down by Voldemort and his ilk. Bellatrix Lestrange went under Polyjuice to take something from her vault. Because of the standing order from the Ministry to arrest marked Death Eaters, she was immediately apprehended when her disguise was dispelled thanks to one of the wards we have in the bank.

The esteemed Ragnok, the Goblin King, ordered a search of her vault to see what she wanted. It was discovered that she was after a Horcrux in the form of Hufflepuff's cup. This meant that Voldemort resorted to Soul Anchors to tie him to this world, unable to die.

His physical body can be destroyed but his spirit would live on until resurrected like what happened in your fourth year at Hogwarts during the last part of the Triwizard Tournament.

He followed them, and on discovering that Airachnid was out of stasis and controlling them once more, used the space bridge to transport both her and the Insecticons to one of Cybertron's moons. Thirst Soundwave hung around during a Decepticon meeting to determine what to do about the potential threat of the Predacons.

As the Decepticons gathered resources to rebuild the Omega Lock, Soundwave monitored some Vehicons stealing materials. He activated the GroundBridge for them when the Autobots turned up, but he himself was shot down by Optimus Prime and crashed into power lines, disabling himself.

The Autobots took him back to their shielded base and attempted to interrogate him to find out what Megatron's plans were, but Soundwave merely erased his data and crashed his own hard drives before breaking his vow of silence to convey a message: Minus One After returning to the Nemesis with Ratchet, Soundwave helped attempt to persuade his prisoner to cooperate by showing him pictures of the kids and the current Autobot base.

Persuasion The Decepticons were puzzled when they picked up Laserbeak's signal outside the warship, as Laserbeak was still attached to Soundwave's torso. Synthesis Stationed on the bridge during the Autobot attack on the warship, Soundwave used the GroundBridge to send the Wreckers to a different part of the ship.

When the bridge was next attacked by Miko wearing the Apex Armor, Soundwave opened another GroundBridge and advanced on her menacingly, only for Raf to open a second GroundBridge directly behind him. The conflicting energies trapped Soundwave in the Shadowzone. Deadlock Titan Prime comic You look different, Soundwave. Did you do something different with your entire face? During the war, Soundwave took part in a mission led by Megatron to invade Iacon and destroy the Iacon Energon Refinery.

The team had barely made it in before Soundwave detected that they'd been spotted and the five Decepticons had to take cover. Following a failed gambit which expended the other three team members, Megatron gave Soundwave a bomb.

While his leader caused a distraction, Soundwave ran to plant the bomb, only to be struck by blasts from one of the defenders. Megatron picked up his wounded second-in-command and helped him to safety, along with the other three Decepticons. Tinker, Tailor, Gamer, Spy! When Soundwave's plan to ambush the Autobots in The Wave went badly, he fired his remote-controlled hand at Bumblebee.

The hand lodged in the scout's chest and later emerged when Bumblebee and Raf were asleep. Despite trying its best to kill Bumblebee, Soundwave's hand was strapped to a firework and shot high into the air.

Starscream and Soundwave later scoured the desert for the missing hand and managed to find at least one finger. Unfortunately the US military intercepted all the transmissions before they could be received, leaving Megatron very unhappy with his communications officer. Protecting the Lady I want to tell you about the Transformers! Eaglemoss Prime Comics I want to tell you about the Transformers! Utilizing the ancient, mysterious science of an alien world, they succeeded, and Soundwave was revived.

To reflect the fact that he was no longer content with just being the Decepticons' communications specialist, he renamed himself "Soundblaster", and took on a more combative role. Voyager Class Soundblaster Tales of the Beast Hunters Soundwave intercepted a message between Bumblebee and Wheeljack indicating that the pair were heading for a derelict starship in the asteroid belt. As Megatron and Predaking headed out to tail the two Autobots, Soundwave monitored events on Earth to make sure no one else was following.

Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 2 When Predaking came back alone with the news Megatron had apparently perished in an explosion, Soundwave and the other Decepticons immediately suspected Starscream was responsible. Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 7 Transformers: He participated in an enormous battle against the Autobots in a human settlement. Trapped in the Shadowzone, Soundwave followed Megatron back to Earth, but got stuck on the planet after Megatron departed.

Portals Some years after Cybertron's rebirth, a statue of Soundwave was constructed. Pilot Part 1 His role in the war as Megatron's top lieutenant, and his fearsome reputation as a tactical genius, were well documented on Cybertron, as was his entrapment in the Shadowzone during his final battle aboard the starship Nemesis.

After wandering aimlessly for an unspecified amount of time, Soundwave finally got his chance to escape the Shadowzone after Fixit activated a malfunctioning GroundBridge, creating a portal to the Shadowzone. Soundwave flew through the rift and, along with Laserbeak, overwhelmed Bumblebee's team, throwing the yellow Autobot into the Shadowzone and knocking out Grimlock and Strongarm with his tentacles.

That job done, Soundwave set to work constructing a radio array, hoping to contact Megatron and spark a mass Decepticon exodus to Earth. He was hampered by the antics of Fixit, Dennyand Russellwho managed to distract him long enough for Grimlock and Strongarm to come to their senses. The two Autobots renewed their assault on the Decepticon, prompting Soundwave to portal them away with Laserbeak. While the Autobots and humans regrouped and conferred with Bumblebee, Soundwave finished constructing his device.

On the Autobot team's next attempt to hinder him, Soundwave chased Denny into a crane with his tentacles while Russell stole the last component of his communicator. Soundwave fired a barrage of portals at the human, until they overlapped and opened another Shadowzone portal, allowing Bumblebee to return and fight the Decepticon.

Denny knocked Soundwave back through his portal with his crane, and Fixit kept the portal open long enough for Strongarm and Grimlock to return Laserbeak to the same realm. At some point during Soundwave's imprisonment, he was provided with a group of genetically modified Activator Mini-Cons by an unknown group to collect weapons for him. King of the Hill Part 2 Soundwave dispatched Trickout through another portal to find more of the weapons, Defrosted and the Mini-Con returned to him some time later with a second Decepticon Hunter that he obtained from Sideswipe.

Guilty As Charged Goldgear would later succeed where Hi-Test failed, leaving Soundwave one step closer to completing his "project". At the same time, the Autobots began to realize that there was a connection with the thefts of their Decepticon Hunters. Railroad Rage After Steeljaw's Pack was sprung from custody by a group of mysterious "benefactors", Soundwave contacted them through a portal, revealing that he was associated with said benefactors and directing them to prepare for their arrival on Earth or face painful deactivation.

Prepare for Departure Power depleted. After Steeljaw obtained some nuclear fuel rods, Soundwave, now reformatted to a new body and vehicle mode, used the Decepticon Hunters to escape the Shadowzone and rendezvoused with him at a demolition derby.

There, he revealed a transgalactic beacon generator constructed from wreckage in the Shadowzone which he planned to use to summon Megatron back to Earth. He dismissed the resulting destruction of life on Earth as a result of the radiation from the rods as collateral damage, much to Steeljaw's disgust.

Forcing Steeljaw to retreat, Soundwave proceeded to take the generator to the highest point in the city, the Crown City Bank Building. Detecting Autobots, he sent Laserbeak in pursuit of Optimus Prime before being engaged by Bumblebee's team. Using the combined Hunters weapon to freeze Bumblebee and Strongarm, he found himself being disarmed by Sideswipe before Bumblebee, freed by Grimlock, used the weapon to first cut off the ends of Soundwave's tentacles to bring him to his knees and then freeze his body.

As the generator started to fire up, Soundwave declared that Megatron would return before it was suddenly destroyed by a missile from Optimus, who had linked with Hi-Test. His mission failed, Soundwave went into stasis. He was then taken back to Cybertron by Optimus onboard Prime Force One so that Soundwave could stand trial at long last.

Collateral Damage Games Voice actor: EnglishClaudio Moneta Italian So Soundwave, you ever going to use that giant missile pod on your shoulder?

He then directed Megatron to a Data Matrix Center in order to find a route to the Dark Energon that had not been blocked by Starscream. Later, Soundwave notified Megatron that access to the core was impossible, as it was guarded by the Omega Gate. He and Breakdown accompanied Megatron as they led the assault on Iaconthrough which they would find and take the Omega Keyopening the Omega Gate and allowing the core to be infused with Dark Energon. On their way to the Stellar GalleriesSoundwave reported snipersand after taking them down, Megatron infused the entrance with Dark Energon and took his team into the security station.

Soundwave noticed that the batteries fed the security grid, and the trio infused each of them with Dark Energon, deactivating the security measures. Soundwave then detected the Omega Key behind their next door, and after opening it, the Decepticons arrived at the Stellar Galleries.

They opened the container, finding not the key, but a message from Zeta Primewho announced that he had taken the Omega Key, anticipating Megatron's plan. Zeta sent Autobot attack forces against them, but they were swiftly taken down.

Megatron ordered Soundwave to trace Zeta Prime's broadcast, and Soundwave found it came from He then noted a weak wall, and the Decepticons broke it down and entered the cities' subsystems, providing a direct route to Zeta, and the Omega Key.

The group descended down a shaft and went through a tunnel, avoiding trains on the way, and after breaking down a door in a ventilation area, they were ambushed by Autobot cloakers. Soundwave dispatched them and infused Dark Energon into the batteries.

Megatron congratulated him, and then ordered him to unlock the exit. Soundwave obliged, and the trio found themselves in another tunnel. Breakdown challenged Soundwave to a race, to which the Decepticon responded, in his trademark monotone, "Negative. Rushing through the tunnel, this time full of moving trains, the group came to a station where they infiltrated Iacon's lower levels.

Soundwave detected the Omega Key at last, and suggested proceeding through the logistics station. Roughing it through the Autobot attackers, Soundwave finally determined that the key was beyond the train tunnels.

Soundwave and his teammates arrived at Iacon's main streets, where they met up with Brawl outside of Zeta Prime's vaults, which were impervious to the small amount of Dark Energon Megatron was capable of channeling.

After Megatron's squad helped Brawl clear the area, Brawl called in the Dark Energon bombers, but they were spectacularly shot down by the planetary guns. Brawl suggested disabling them, and Soundwave assisted in carrying out the plan. Autobots advanced all around, but Soundwave and the others managed to hold them off until the next wave of bombers arrived, clearing the street and destroying the Vault doors. Soundwave joined the others on their way to the entrance, but the squad was intercepted by a Destroyer.

Soundwave and Breakdown split from Megatron to flank him, and eventually they rendered him non-functional. Inside the vault, they avoided Zeta's traps and finally reached the Omega Key—but it too was a trap. Zeta then attacked them, using a giant hologram and controlling the chamber to his advantage, dropping the ceiling and sending holographic brutes to attack for him while safe within an impenetrable energy shield. After the battle, Megatron plucked from Zeta's hand the "key" Zeta Prime informed them that the "key" he was actually a device that activated the real key: As the three Decepticons flew away to track Omega, Soundwave noticed that the "key" was coming for them.

Omega Supreme attacked, and thrust the Decepticons' star cruiser into a wall. Soundwave noticed a Decepticon Dropship across the bridge, but when the squad went to investigate, Omega Supreme intercepted them.

Soundwave reported that his weapons were ineffective; Megatron told his soldiers to destroy the bridge supports, causing Omega Supreme's vast bulk to collapse it.

But he transformed to his ship mode, flew back up, and forced the Decepticons to retreat inside. In a frenzy, Breakdown noted that the next door was locked, and Soundwave proposed that Dark Energon could open the door, which it did.

Inside, Soundwave picked up a transmission from Starscream, who announced that he would be replacing the "deceased" Megatron as Decepticon leader. Enraged, Megatron threatened Starscream, but Soundwave informed his leader that communication to the surface had been cut off, so Starscream could not hear him.

The trio arrived at the lift, but found it to be locked down. Breaking the locks got the lift back to working condition, but on their way up, Omega Supreme returned and blasted it, forcing the Decepticons down the shaft at breakneck speed. Omega was still out there, so the emergency brakes' destruction was the Decepticons' only hope. At the bottom, they continued their journey to find a way to fight Omega Supreme—Soundwave noted that at the top of the tower were several heavy weapons emplacements which could at least theoretically damage Omega—but Omega Supreme didn't know the meaning of the word quit.

He really doesn't; not much in the processor department. He grabbed the Decepticons, but Soundwave helped out in shooting Omega Supreme's hand, forcing him relinquishing the three from his grasp. They retreated inside a fortified Autobot position, and in order to prevent detection, Soundwave jammed their signals. Slaying the Autobots inside who dared attempt to counterattack, Soundwave unlocked the exit, which only let in more Autobots.

They too, met their demise, but as Soundwave and his comrades escaped, he noticed that the Autobots' security was countering the effects of Dark Energon. Destroying the sentries turned to be a worthwhile solution, but then the Decepticons had to deal with Omega Supreme mining road. Soundwave's sensors indicated the presence of a bridge nearby, and though Breakdown was unsure, Megatron was willing to follow Soundwave's advice.

Once again, Omega Supreme continued to stalk them, but Soundwave led his group to an alternate route Soundwave revealed that breaking a structurally-weak sealed doorway nearby took them to Iacon maintenance tunnels leading straight to the bridge terminal. When they arrived through the power conduits, Soundwave and the others fought through more Autobots and finally activated the bridge.

Racing across the bridge, they barely avoided Omega Supreme's pursuit, and Soundwave located another cargo lift that would transport them straight to the heavy ion turrets. Soundwave participated in the slugfest, and his analysis proved that the turrets nearby had enough firepower to legitimately damage Omega Supreme.

Then, he showed no mercy using the turrets to breach Omega's armour and finally topple him to the ground below. Soundwave, Breakdown, and Megatron followed Omega, and at the bottom, they were surprised to see him survive and transform into his mighty robot mode. Soundwave noted that energon batteries produced from within Cybertron were the source of Omega's limitless endurance, and further advised the team on battling Omega; avoiding his tractor beams would allow them to live, and his turrets were vulnerable, making them the prime target.

When the turrets were blown, Soundwave saw that the batteries were being used to repair them, and so it became an objective to corrupt them with Dark Energon. When Omega Supreme used the batteries to heal himself, he was instead weakened, allowing the Decepticons to critically injure him. Omega Supreme was still alive even after all of that, but much weaker. Soundwave observed that his chest plating had been damaged, and Megatron ordered Soundwave and Breakdown to blast it, and Omega Supreme fell at last.

Soundwave advised Megatron that now would be a good time to corrupt Omega with Dark Energon, but Megatron told Captain Obvious to shut up and did as he would have done even if Soundwave hadn't brought it up, laughing all the way. After Cybertron's Core had been infected with Dark Energon, Soundwave was reassigned as head of Kaon 's prison, and watched over i. Soundwave himself sustained heavy damage leaving the safety of his position to revive and retrieve each Minicon, showing uncharaceristic concern for other living beings.

Eventually, defeated and critically damaged, Soundwave desperately attempted to restore himself by absorbing life force from Zeta's very own spark.

His attempt to fully heal was halted by Optimus, who even took a shot from the Decepticon intended to finish off Prime. Although Soundwave and his minions fled, the damage had already been done and Zeta Prime expired moments later.

War for Cybertron Transformers: War for Cybertron DS Voice actor: English Soundwave hacked into the Autobot mainframe and, while Megatron and some other Decepticons kept the Autobots distracted, downloaded intel indicating the location of the Trypticon space station.

As they approached the station in Megatron's ship, Soundwave reported that the inhabitants were taking up defensive positions and docking would not be possible. Though Megatron was confident they could ram the station, Soundwave turned out to be right, and they could only get close enough to drop a small team off on the debris surrounding the station.

When the station was conquered and Dark Energon in Megatron's hands, Soundwave suggested it might be a good idea to test the stuff prior to use. It turned out to be unstable, and he warned it could result in destruction of its host. The Decepticons set up Kaon Prison as a testing ground and, after eleven failures, established that the Dark Energon could be used.

When Barricade asked what happened to the failures, Soundwave would only say that their remains laid in the prison and creepily ask Barricade to get in the chair so he too could be infused with Dark Energon.

and decepticon meet acti

Trypticon station required more power, so the Decepticons sent a team to Cybertron's core to reactivate the Energon Bridge. Soundwave did not anticipate the activation of latent defense systems, triggered by the Decepticon presence, because he hadn't studied the same ancient files as Starscream. Megatron ordered Soundwave to give Starscream whatever he needed, and they succeeded in activating the bridge.

Lazerbeak intercepted an Autobot transmission indicating that Zeta Prime was hiding the Omega Key, and Megatron ordered Soundwave to assemble a strike force to obtain it. They managed to find and defeat the Autobot leader, but the Omega Key he had was only the key to awaken the real key — Omega Supreme.

Once the Decepticons fought their way through the Autobot defenses, Soundwave reported they had reached Omega Supreme himself. The Decepticons defeated the giant, reestablished the link to the core and infused it with Dark Energon.

Cybertron Adventures Voice actor: Megatron sends him and Barricade to take care of the intrusion. The two speed out, and Soundwave must navigate a highway overgrown with Dark Energon crystals while dealing with swarms of Aerialbots before they can shut off access to the Datacore.

An Autobot Destroyer blocks Soundwave's path and brings the roof down, forcing him to take an alternate route. He makes his way to a security station and downloads the information on the Autobots' advance, radioing Barricade to meet him at the assigned coordinates. When Soundwave arrives, though, he finds Barricade in the middle of a shooting gallery. The Autobots are soon joined by an aerial Destroyer, but the pair make short work of it.

Soundwave intercepts a data download but cuts it off quickly, and races to intercept the escaping Autobots. Weaving his way through Dark Energon crystals and moving walls huh? Fall of Cybertron Voice actor: He watched as Metroplex pulverised Megatron. He was the only one who hesitated in following Starscream.

He secretly salvaged and with the help of Laserbeak, Rumble and an E. TechVoltrebuilt his glorious leader, improving on his original design.