Alec and magnus meet me halfway

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alec and magnus meet me halfway

I think months of fluff have been stored up inside of me, the pressure building, and . Alec said darkly, still refusing to meet Magnus's gaze. . curling up over the waistband, and slick combat boots laced halfway to his knees. meet me halfway to your heart by Malteser24 for eilenpanjaya. Fandoms: The one in which Magnus and Alec meet not from circumstance but purpose. Some kind of meeting, Emma guessed. She caught sight of Julian's . “If it bothers you, you can call me by my full name,” he said. “Mark Antony By the time I was halfway through saying your name, you'd be dead.” .. She'd always thought Magnus loved Alec, really loved him; clearly Alec had thought so too. “I didn't want.

I'm an adult and I can come and go as I please. Technically, what Alec said was true. As an eighteen year old Shadowhunter, he was free to leave and enter any Institute in the world. But given that this particular Institute happened to be his family home, he wasn't sure if his father was going to let that comment slide. Robert didn't seem inclined to argue the point, however. Do you think you could stop acting childish long enough for me to do that? Reluctantly, Alec slid into the seat and waited for his father to start speaking.

After several moments, in which it appeared Robert was collecting his thoughts, he finally addressed the issue at hand. His father held his gaze. As such, I happen to think they need someone to protect them.

alec and magnus meet me halfway

What exactly is that supposed to mean? Alec stared at him incredulously. What does that even mean! You can't just continue giving in to your every childish whim. This…whatever it is, is just a phase.

You think I'm going to just grow out of being gay? It doesn't work that way, dad. I love Magnus and that's not going to change any time soon! He leapt out of his seat, pacing around the room, trying to calm himself. You don't even know what love is. One day you will find a nice Shadowhunter girl and-" Robert continued, in a placating manner, but Alec rounded on his father, cutting him off mid-sentence. Do you know how ridiculous what you are saying sounds?

I'm not going to settle down with some Shadowhunter woman. Why can't you see who I really am? Robert exhaled a deep breath, running his hands through his closely cropped hair.

Can I count on you to be a man? He interlocked his fingers and laid them on the desk in front of him, staring at his son. And the way I see it, he's your only option. He fought it keep calm. Not anymore," he said, to his relief, with a steady voice. Alec looked back at him, with all the conviction of someone who was in the right. Alec paused, his hands still shaking, and turned back to his father. But I will not stop being gay. I can't, and I don't even want to. You'll just have to learn to live with that.

Alec had little recollection of his trip to Magnus's loft. The conversation with his father played in his head over and over again. His emotions alternated between anger, hurt, and disbelief. The last few weeks had gone by in much the same way with Robert.

Alec let himself into the apartment, closing the door behind him with a snap. He checked the kitchen, the bedroom and even the bathroom, but found nothing.

Apparently Magnus hadn't returned home yet. Alec flung himself onto the overstuffed couch, picked up an electric blue pillow and sunk as deep into the cushions as he could.

He hugged the pillow to his chest, drawing his knees up to him, and stared at the empty fireplace as if waiting for it to magically ignite.

His thoughts reluctantly turned back to his father and within moments, he was lost. He remember calling home from his trip with Magnus, and having his father act as if Alec were alone on the trip, never asking how Magnus was doing.

He had never acknowledging that Magnus was present, even when he could clearly hear Magnus speaking in the background. An image formed in Alec's mind. He was in the training room, alone, his thoughts more on Jace and his disappearance than his actual training. His father had entered the room, causing an even further lapse in Alec's concentration and making him misstep. He had fallen awkwardly on his rear. His father had not looked at him with concern, after all he was an adult Shadowhunter and pain was part of every day life.

Instead, Robert had blamed the incident on Alec's preoccupation with Magnus. He had then asked Alec how he thought Jace felt about the idea of his parabatai being gay. The words had cut Alec to the core, as if his father's weapon had been a blade instead of his tongue. Now he was standing in the doorway of the library, listening to his parents argue in hushed tones. He could only make out snippets of their conversation, which was clearly about him and Magnus.

His mother seemed inclined to let the relationship play out, even if it wasn't what she really wanted for Alec. His father said a gay Shadowhunter couldn't be trusted and would only be a disgrace to the name of Lightwood. Alec had stalked off, completely forgetting his reason for going to the library in the first place. He'd had tears in his eyes. He was outside the auditorium at the Institute.

The Clave was meeting inside, and he could hear the Consul calling them to order. He looked at his father urgently, not wishing to be late for the meeting. Robert had placed his hands on Alec's shoulders and begged him not to speak at the meeting, saying his fondness of Jace would only be misinterpreted given that everyone in the room had been present to watch Alec kiss Magnus in the Accords Hall.

No one would believe that Alec just wanted to help his best friend and they may even call his Parabatai ritual into question, saying it was illegal for parabatai to fall in love. Alec had felt the color drain from his face and had sat in the back of the room, eyes averted, barely paying attention to the meeting. There had been other instances, too, jabs by his father that went unnoticed by the rest of the family, strange looks that couldn't be explained by the circumstances.

Perhaps this is why he had lost control with his father today. Perhaps he had finally had enough. Anger welled up inside him again, demanding to be released.

Without thinking, he grabbed the pillow he had been clinging to and tore it to pieces. His lap looked as if a cloud had exploded on it, with shredded pieces of electric blue fabric interspersed in the white fluff. When Magnus caught sight of Alec's expression, his jovial demeanor evaporated. I hate seeing you put so much energy into healing me. I feel terrible, partly because it's always my fault for not being a good enough Shadowhunter to stay out of the way of the demons.

Then he seized Alec's face in his hands and swooped in to bestow an enormous kiss upon his mouth. Alec gasped, and Magnus took the opportunity presented by his parted lips.

alec and magnus meet me halfway

After a long moment, Magnus pulled away, sweeping his fingers through Alec's hair and then cradling his face in his hands. He gave Alec another firm kiss, then asserted, "Really.

Several minutes later, Magnus had happily decided that his affection had properly been conveyed, and was now lounging in Alec's lap with Alec's talented fingers teasing apart the knots in his hair. Magnus sighed languidly, cuddling closer and curling his shapely nails into the fabric of Alec's greyscale plaid pajama bottoms.

Once the tangles had been taken care of, Alec moved on to a deeper scalp massage, strong hands sending thrills of pleasure down Magnus's spine. Magnus could hear the smile in his voice, and imagining his full lips upturned and his focused brows downturned made Magnus chuckle. Alec thoroughly dismantled Magnus's artistically arranged part, which should have been irritating, because it would take forever to get it back to its proper position, but Magnus hadn't had a massage from Alec before and he was now convinced that this was as close to heaven as he was ever going to get.

A little moan escaped his throat and he decided that he was going to force Alec to quit being a Shadowhunter and take a job as his personal masseur. Dread constricted Magnus's heart.

alec and magnus meet me halfway

Magnus was out of bed faster than Alec could process. His jaw was set in a hard line. You can shower first. Magnus came to a stop just before the door. I'm sorry if I wasn't very good at giving you a massage—" Magnus cut him off with a great sigh that echoed into the corners of the room.

You, Alec Lightwood, have dangerously skillful hands. Magnus fisted his long fingers and his nails cut into his palms. Frustration wrenched Magnus's stomach into a sailor knot and he felt angry sparks dancing along his fingertips. He reflected on how upset he was with Alec for hiding his injuries, and wished hypocrisy wasn't such an unattractive trait, because he was Magnus Bane and Magnus Bane was anything but unattractive.

This was going to be one of those days. He leveled his voice, letting the emotion in it run dry, because that was the only way he was going to be able to get through this unpleasant part of his history. There was a movement among the mundanes, a cultivated boredom with life. I succumbed to it, and for a time denied by own immorality. Living forever became torture. It felt as if I was imprisoned in my own body, but for a long time I was far too cowardly to take my own life.

We travelled a lot, and took to playing cards and debating philosophy with the local soldiers. You could see in his eyes that he was a very proud, but a very sad man. The subject of predestination came up, and he proposed that we test fate. A soldier agreed, found a gun, not knowing whether or not it was loaded, put it to his head, and pulled the trigger. They were certainly immersed in a strange world when a mundane risking suicide was less shocking than a former romantic partner.

He said that he supposed he could believe in predestination now, but was very much confused, as he had been quite sure that he had seen a sign of death on the soldier. This greatly offended and unsettled the soldier and he left shortly. I left soon after too, but was not similarly convinced, and decided that it was high time that that I test predestination myself. A small noise of distress burst from Alec's throat, and in a paroxysm of alarm he staggered forward several steps.

He was a lot older, and a lot more powerful, and I don't know if I would have been able to do it, but somehow he healed me, and a week later I was up and walking.

Two weeks later I snuck out when he was passed out one night and moved to England. I still feel guilty for leaving him like that, but I knew that I wasn't going to be strong enough to see his face every day and remember what I had almost done. I became more flamboyant then, because I didn't want to know what would happen if I let myself get bored again. Alec's already pale skin had whitened to a ghostly pallor, as if he had been the one shot, and his blue eyes were trained on the floor.

His eyelashes cast shadows stark against his cheekbones.

alec and magnus meet me halfway

Magnus crossed the distance between them in three strides and caught his chin, nudging it upwards. Alec lifted his head reluctantly, but stared off at the wall over Magnus's shoulder. He had expected as much, but it still hurt to hear. Alec resisted with surprising strength and obstinacy. Magnus slid his hand away from Alec's chin, down his arm to weave their fingers together.

Laughing with delight into Alec's mouth, Magnus tightened his grip around Alec's bare torso, and Alec threw his arms over Magnus's shoulders with an answering choking laugh. The slinking fabric of Magnus's top tickled at Alec's skin and his nails careened up his spine, and Alec's sneaking fingers skimmed along Magnus's waistband and his hands slid up to weave into his hair, and together they moaned and shivered at the relief of being alive.

Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh. But perhaps it was best to leave the status quo good and untouched, because though Alec wasn't precisely an expert on how to romantically surprise a boyfriend after a long day of work, even he suspected that coming home to a mutilated kitchen wasn't anyone's idea of a good time.

Alec wasn't even sure how he'd managed to screw up spaghetti. It seemed like a child proof sort of food, the pasta preformed and only needing to be thrown into a pot of water for a few minutes.

But Alec had managed it. He couldn't even find a pot at first, and the one that he did unearth looked the size of a witch's cauldron. The first box of spaghetti had exploded, leaving half-invisible strands scattered all over the floor and underneath the counters and in the sink.

He'd finally managed to wrangle a box into the pot, but now half of the noodles seemed to be stuck to the bottom of the pot, and the other half was floating around helplessly at the top of the water, screaming for rescue in the boiling water, losing their loved ones to the murky depths— Alec stopped stirring and sighed. Maybe he shouldn't have watched Titanic last night.

But Magnus had wanted to so badly, and after Alec had come in to dimmed lights and precariously balanced candelabras and gourmet popcorn and nibbles at his earlobe, it wouldn't do to deny Magnus this concession.

Alec was getting better, but he was still exceptionally closed off in comparison to Magnus's glittery declarations of emotion. He knew that he would never be able to admit to Magnus how sad the movie made him, and Magnus perhaps would never know, because while Magnus sobbed into tissues that magically popped in and out of existence, Alec clenched his jaw and held Magnus closer to his chest and did his best not to imagine them as the couple freezing to death in the water.

It was horrifying to think of himself as either the survivor or the deceased, and he couldn't determine whether it made his stomach turn more to think of Magnus as the latter, leaving Alec heartbroken and moody for the rest of his life, or of himself as the latter, leaving Magnus— Well.

Leaving Magnus to go back to his carefree world of parties and glitter and questionable sexual partners. Perhaps that was why Alec was here now, trying to no avail to resurrect the mutilated spaghetti, because it wasn't that Alec thought that cooking for Magnus would be enough to stave his boredom, but at least it was a step in the right direction. After all, Alec would probably never admit this to Magnus either, but hearing of Magnus's attempted suicide and ensuing aversion to boredom was probably one of the most terrifying things he'd ever experienced.

For the past week, Alec had been unable to lose the panic he felt every time Magnus was out of sight.

Excerpt: City of Heavenly Fire

He knew that any good relationship had to be based on trust, and rationally he did trust Magnus, but rationality did nothing to stem the irrational images of Magnus depressed and jaded, stepping in front of a subway, moving across the pond, having a threesome with a most exceptional mundane and a nomadic, experienced warlock.

Alec roughly released the wooden spoon, letting it slip slowly into the great big, bubbling, bright red pot, and let himself fall to the floor. Leaning against the side of the island, Alec rubbed the heels of his hands against his eyes and groaned.

Alec had expected that Magnus's past might turn out to be something of a problem, but he'd almost been hoping that his insecurity would be assuaged by an hour in the bedroom. It was an unpleasant surprise to discover that a lifetime of bad self-image couldn't be cured overnight.

The sound of Chairman Meow crying plaintively and scrabbling across the living room, using his claws and various pieces of furniture to propel him forward, alerted Alec to the fact that Magnus Bane had arrived.

Alec wondered whether the pot of spaghetti would be big enough to hide in. Alec was startled to find that the footsteps seemed to be nearing the kitchen. He stood up at once, cursing softly. Alec turned towards the door reluctantly, shoving his hands in his pockets. Magnus stopped in the doorway, startled. His cat eyes gleamed as they flicked over Alec's form and his purple lips curled into a smirk.

Underneath his leather jacket, he was wearing a black mesh shirt, through which his golden skin glimmered. Low slung black pants clung to his hips, an old tattoo curling up over the waistband, and slick combat boots laced halfway to his knees.

There was cat hair spattered across the fabric, but that did nothing to detract from the flush that spread across Alec's face at once and down his neck. Alec gulped, finding that he was unable to speak. He strode up to Alec, pushing him up against the island, and captured his mouth in a searing kiss. Alec inhaled sharply as Magnus twined his fingers up into his hair, and Magnus hummed delightedly, sending shivers scrambling down Alec's spine.

The other hand slid into Alec's tee shirt, skidding up his stomach to his chest, leaving a burning trail. Alec pulled away for air and Magnus kissed along his jawline. Breathing heavily, Alec whispered, "You're in a good mood tonight.

Alec gasped, his hands tightening on Magnus's hips. Magnus skimmed his lips along the other side of Alec's jaw, and too late Alec realized that he was peering over his shoulder. Magnus's kohl rimmed eyes were intense and hooded as they looked down at Alec, and a lovely sort of heat emanated from his fingertips, and Alec didn't know if it was magic or chemistry, but either way, he lifted his arms obligingly, and his tee shirt joined the abandoned spaghetti strands on the floor.

Magnus laughed against the crook of Alec's neck, and Alec shivered, holding tighter to Magnus's waist, the fabric soft and uneven against his skin. Magnus grinned, the light dancing off his teeth.

Warmth fell away from Alec's torso and he folded his arms over his chest against the cold, watching as Magnus peered down at the mess of pasta in the big red pot, tapping at his chin. For a moment, Alec panicked that this pot wasn't a cooking pot at all, and that he'd just ruined some sort irreplaceable magical item. But Magnus simply chuckled, turning to look at an abashed Alec over his shoulder. The water wasn't the same heat throughout.

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Inside were at least ten appropriately sized pots. This kitchen may have defeated us on this round, but I have a trick up my sleeve. Alec gave a little laugh, feeling it catch at the sides of his throat, and he did his best to keep smiling, but he couldn't fight the sinking feeling of defeat in his chest.

There went his chances of being a proper romantic partner. He couldn't even make decent spaghetti, and here Magnus had gone and cleaned up his mess and snapped in a beautiful meal within seconds.

Magnus frowned, seeing Alec's expression. His eyebrows flew up.