Alan parsons 2015 meet and greet review

The Alan Parsons Live Project at The Majestic Theater in Dallas, TX - National Rock Review

alan parsons 2015 meet and greet review

Dec With co-founder, the late Eric Woolfson, the Alan Parsons Project They finish this leg of their tour next week before starting up again in May Joe Guzman of National Rock Review was on hand to record the. August 20, ·. WIN a VIP Meet and Greet with Alan Parsons Live Project! If you are planning on going to one of the shows be sure to enter below!. JOIN US ON THE BLUE CRUISE 15 December, ; by Tabitha Parsons. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Join The Alan Parsons Live Project and an all-star lineup.

It was a very good partnership. He was always the principal songwriter and I was always the principal instrumental writer. By some miracle we always chose keys that the singers could sing in; it could have gone terribly wrong.

I do remember on 'Don't Hold Back', from the 'Eve' album, we thought that it would be a male song. Al would walk in and play the songs.

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What didn't exist was the structure of the song, where the solos come in and how many verses there should be. When we laid down the track, we anticipated that there would be lots of guitar solos. So I suggested that one of them be a sax solo.

alan parsons 2015 meet and greet review

I remember Al throwing up his hands in horror saying 'sax solo? But, in the end, he loved it. It also propelled both Alan and his band The Alan Parsons Project into super-stardom releasing a run of albums that were the acme of production and performance.

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Parsons has been working on a new box set of one of these albums: Eye In The Sky. It's a treasure trove of associated recordings and song mixes across 4 CDs and vinyl, too. The painstaking research into compiling this has been a labour of love for Alan and Eric's daughter Sally. A bonus for the box set is Sally's work.

She painstakingly researched Eric's demo cassettes and you can hear the songs from inception to the final product as they developed.

alan parsons 2015 meet and greet review

It's literally the scratch pad of Eric coming up with the ideas for the songs and it's very interesting. It was a feat in itself to find all the master track tapes because, over the years, they tend to go to different libraries and record labels. Quite honestly, they take the entire concept of "classic rock" to an entirely new level We both experienced chills and tears as the music overwhelmed us In fact, the thing about The Alan Parsons Live Project is that it isn't about pomp and circumstance at all Masterfully orchestrated performances, rendered to pure perfection, live on stage.

Credit goes to every single member of the band: Filling out the arsenal are drummer Danny Thompson and bassist Guy Erez, both of whom keep the bottom end thumping at a kick-ass pulse rate This is some pretty intricate stuff they're trying to pull off on stage, with any number of melodic changes thrown into the mix And let's not forget keyboardist Manny Foccarazzo A top notch, stellar band in every conceivable way.

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What about the music? A little bit of everything from every era The set list comprised material from all of the phases of his career A complete Alan Parsons CD Collection has just been released on Arista Records that encompasses his entire recorded output, including an album that never saw the light of day That's just over eight bucks per CD!

Olsson gasping for air at the end In fact, I can honestly say that I can't remember EVER seeing this many standing ovations during a single performance before The encore s of "Psychobabble" first show only and "Games People Play" were absolute show-stoppers.

alan parsons 2015 meet and greet review

The electricity generated by "Games People Play" still resonates 24 hours later as I type this! Both sold out crowds couldn't get enough.

alan parsons 2015 meet and greet review

Couple this with the perfectly-executed lighting effects and this show goes down in my personal record books as one of the very best I've ever seen. Doing a little quick math here as I'm writing this, I figure that I've probably been to somewhere between and concerts in my lifetime Checking the official website, it looks like we caught the tail end of this part of their U.

They will perform three half hour shows each day!

alan parsons 2015 meet and greet review

Then it's off to Canada and Germany. Alan Parsons - The Official Website I was also taken by the incredible stamina of the band and have to give them props.

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These guys gave it all in the first show It was nothing short of amazing. It was as if the entire band was completely rejuvenated I still don't have official confirmation on this I've put it into words Saturday Night at The Arcada was something that needed to be experienced It truly was a one of a kind show. Alan Parsons releases box set, returns to Cleveland for greatest hits concert - Cleveland Music Examiner.