Abbott and costello meet frankenstein images clip

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abbott and costello meet frankenstein images clip

Even if the classic comedy Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein . article concerns some aspects of just one line in the vast genealogy of Frankenstein. Bud Abbott And Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein () -- (Movie Clip) You Won't Feel A Thing. Two featured monsters are Universal originals, as Dracula (Bela. It's actually one of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's funniest films. While the And then there's this memorable line from Dracula (Bela Lugosi).

That system concerns itself as much and as legitimately with the effect of ideas as our checking system for the physical world concerns the origin of ideas in physical reality.

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Ideas presented in imagination are still judged by their associations with other ideas and effects upon those ideas. If we are reluctant to dismiss a work of fiction as false, we certainly do not hesitate to call some fictions wrong or useless or ineffective, all of which are terms of correction.

In later adaptations, Holmes becomes romantically involved with Irene Adler, also a fictional being. Obviously, the distress they feel has nothing to do with what is true or false in real life, but rather with what seems or feels fitting or right for the character that has been created in the original stories.

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There is no phenomenological difference between God coming to me in a dream and my dreaming that God came to me, but in both cases we can argue the rights and wrongs of the claims made. Those who see the business of life as the search for truth will expend equal energy in studying the pure phenomena independent of alleged cause and effect, the scientifically discovered origins or explanation of the phenomena, and the socially significant consequences of the phenomena regardless of its genesis, and will understand that even if these three investigations leave us able to interpret the world, the point remains that of changing it.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein images clip

Garcia is commendably specific regarding the ways the film changed him, including the dignity of the monsters; a fascination with the drive to reanimate, with movies and film making, with drawing the monster. He talks of the power of fear and of comedy as a smart strategy in life to get by, disarming the powerful.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein images clip

There are things that are really weird and there are people who are concerned with them. That some way, that became important to me and I guess I thought to myself on some level: I think I want to be concerned with things that are weird, I think that seems interesting to me because that seems like fun … and that is in fact, who I am.

To quote from that seminal film: Some people claim it is not dead even now, just dormant.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Now, who would be silly enough to believe that? The results of her effort would now fill an entire library and continue to grow. This article concerns some aspects of just one line in the vast genealogy of Frankenstein.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (9/11) Movie CLIP - Do You Believe Me Now? (1948) HD

Mary Shelley, Abbott and Costello, and Jerry Garcia worked on the Frankenstein story, drawing primarily on their imaginations. It was the richness, one might say genius, of their imaginations that earned them enduring fame. My intent in following this one ripple in the stream of consciousness is to eliminate the speculative altogether and focus instead entirely on the factual.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein images clip

I leave the reader free to decide for himself or herself whether the apparent healing and the alleged liberation provided by such imaginative rambling are indicative of anything worth pursuing in their own lives.

There are certainly plenty of paths to wander, in the byways of ideas, in film and in music too. For a schticky film, it actually has its moments of good dialogue and plot points. And the special effects for the time are impressive.

Joe A October 30, This is a genuine classic in every sense of the word.

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Not only a hilariously funny slapstick comedy but, a delightfully spooky Halloween treat featuring the great Universal monsters together for the last time.

An enjoyably silly plot concerns the efforts by Dracula and a female scientist to revive the Frankenstein monster using Lou Costello's brain with The Wolfman, when in human form, in pursuit to stop them.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein images clip

Bud Abbott is along for the ride playing the unbelieving straight man to the supernatural goings on and there is plenty of spooky stuff going on right under his nose.

The cast is perfect as is every other aspect of this timeless gem and it's great to see Lugosi, Chaney and Glen Strange on screen in their classic roles one more time.

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In all seriousness this is a great example of a perfect movie. There is nothing wrong with it and it accomplishes everything it sets out to do and very well. Great movie even by today's standards. Manana lunes 31 de octubre por TCM a las 14 Hrs.