6 star wars characters meet their equivalents and measures

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6 star wars characters meet their equivalents and measures

The space opera blockbuster Star Wars has borrowed many real-life scientific and 4 Lasers; 5 Interstellar transport; 6 Rockets and missiles; 7 Force fields .. Most, if not all of these devices, have real-life counterparts, despite their distinct . According to Star Wars lore, amongst the characters in that universe to use them. How DO you measure the "power" of a character in the FFG system? . Saga Level; Equivalent Edge XP (Rounded Judiciously) .. I don't know what your experiences were with Star Wars, but the few I had and from the .. Saga game with 4 encounters, for a 6-person party of level 12 or higher characters. Dorkly has released a great animated comedy sketch that features the classic Star Wars characters that we all grew up with meeting their new.

One day, needing a fast escape, he stowed-away on Jabba the Hutt's ship. Caught in the act of stealing from Jabba's food bowl, the dexterous Crumb managed to evade Jabba's guards in their attempts to kill him. An amused Jabba struck a bargain with Crumb, offering to let him live for every day he made Jabba laugh.

Crumb agreed and proved to be an excellent fool, surviving for a dozen years before dying with his master when Jabba's sale barge was blown up.

In the reality of Star Wars Legends, Lobot acquired his cybernetic implants after being convicted of theft in Cloud City. Sentenced to fifteen years involuntary servitude, he was transformed into the city's first computer-liaison officer. Lobot continued to serve Cloud City and retained his implants once his time was served, enjoying his work and proving the most competent administrator the city ever had.

In the current reality, Lobot was given his implants to run battlefield calculations for the Empire.

6 star wars characters meet their equivalents and measures

He somehow broke free of the forced-loyalty that was programmed into him and began working for gambler Lando Calrissian, aiding him in various shady schemes before taking over management of Cloud City after Lando won it. Nunb officially joined the Rebel Alliance after learning of an Imperial plot to kill all the Alderaanians who had been off-world when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. He smuggled a group of Alderaanians to safety at great personal risk.

This act of courage impressed Princess Leia, who rewarded him with The Chalcedony Waves - a necklace passed down among the women of House Organa.


Nunb continued to serve with distinction in the New Republic, before joining the Resistance as a Lieutenant Commander.

Hailing from the desert world of Askaj, Yarna's race had the ability to store massive amounts of water inside their bodies. Jabba forced Yarna to remain fully hydrated and wear special makeup in order to make her look like a Hutt female. Disturbingly, Jabba said Yarna reminded him of his mother in this state.

Freed upon Jabba's death, Yarna would go on to find new love with the hunter Doallyn. They became free traders, though Yarna still performed as a dancer for fun. Like many performers he used a stage name - the far easier to pronounce Max Rebo.

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Darth Vader, previously Anakin Skywalker, lost one of his limbs starting in the Clone Warsand later, towards the end of the Clone Wars, lost most of his limbs after a deadly lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Shortly after the duel, he was caught in the heat range of molten lava, resulting in the burning and melting of much of his flesh and tissue. Besides having cybernetic limbs, Vader wore a suit equipped with cybernetic systems, both to help him function, and to protect his damaged body from exposure.

6 star wars characters meet their equivalents and measures

His belt included high and low range audio sensors. The belt also included respiratory and temperature regulation adjustment controls. Vader's neural functions were also regulated by neuro sensors, located towards the back of his helmet.

Additionally, to help him see, breathe, and maintain cognition, Vader's helmet was equipped with enhanced visual sensors, body heat vents, and neural function sensors.

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His muscular system was enhanced by a neuro-electrical nervous pulse system in his cybernetic suit, giving him amplified physical strength.

Scientists and scientific commentators have suggested that Vader lost his lungs by inhaling air in extreme temperatures within the heat range of lava on the planet Mustafar, causing damage to his lung tissue. This would require the need for a filter mask to take in more purified oxygen, as well as replacement lungs, most of which are possible by modern scientific and technological means.

It also protects his damaged and vulnerable skin from infection.

6 star wars characters meet their equivalents and measures

Animation director Rob Coleman explained that Grievous was made with technological flaws, and experienced difficulties such as poor maneuverability and coughing, the latter caused by his lungs constantly filling with liquid.

His mechanical body did, however, give him advantages in combat, due to being made of solid material, instead of organic bones and limbs. Anatomy and neurobiology professor James H. Fallon of the University of California explains that one problem with this type of cybernetic body is the lack of knowledge in brain circuitry coding, which has yet to be decrypted.

Fallon argues that most prosthetic and cybernetic technology in Star Wars is still plausible with continuous research and development in the relevant fields.

Star Wars planetary vehiclesanti-gravityand Physics and Star Wars Levitation is depicted throughout the Star Wars films, as well as in most other spin-off media of the franchise.

Levitation in Star Wars is caused by many different methods. Revenge of the Sith uses the same concept of rocket propelled levitation that many other Star Wars ships and surface vehicles do. This method is currently used on Earth, whenever humans and probes are sent into outer space. Rockets used for levitation run on solid or liquid based fuel. They function on Newton's Third Law of action and reaction.

Some of these ships also use rockets to slow down their landings on the surface, as well as reducing their weight until they touch the ground.

6 star wars characters meet their equivalents and measures

Doing so allows them to land at a slow and safe horizontal speed.