Relationship of david and jonathan

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relationship of david and jonathan

Supporting the literary analysis above and perhaps even more important is the political element to David and Jonathan's relationship. It must be. As part of this story, the author tells about Saul's son Jonathan and his unique relationship with David. You may have heard Jonathan and David's story, but if. In 1 Samuel , we read Jonathan loving David "as his own soul." giving way to the young man without any relation to the royal family.

Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that he was wearing, and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt.

David and Jonathan: A Secret Biblical Bromance? | Ancient Origins

David and Jonathan became so close that it looked like someday they would rule Israel together. But that day never came because Jonathan was killed in battle. David mourned deeply for him with a famous lament. There are many translations of 2 Samuel 1: Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women. He is known as an early advocate of male love homosexuality and wrote many poems inspired by his own homosexual affairs.

There by an ancient holm-oak huge and tough, Clasping the firm rock with gnarled roots and rough, He stayed their steps; and in his arms of strength Took David, and for sore love found at length Solace in speech, and pressure, and the breath Wherewith the mouth of yearning winnoweth Hearts overcharged for utterance.

In that kiss Soul unto soul was knit and bliss to bliss. It is a perennial bestseller at Q Spirit. Beginning with young David slaying Goliath, the book shows how he won the heart of Prince Jonathan, heir to the throne of Israel. The star-crossed warrior-lovers face conflicts with King Saul and others as the Biblical story unfolds and David grows to become a king himself.


The author uses artistry and restraint to present sex scenes between David and Jonathan and each man with his own wife. With meticulous research and dynamic storytelling skills, he brings alive the dramatic same-sex love story at the core of religious tradition. David and Jonathan in art Artists throughout the ages have illustrated the the drama and same-sex passion of their story, beginning with the moment that David and Jonathan met.

A beautiful romantic version of their first meeting appears on their stained-glass window at St. David and Jonathan window from St.

It was created in the Tiffany style by Robert L.

relationship of david and jonathan

The window is dedicated to the memory of John Sutton and A. Wilson, founders of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It can be seen online at Stained Glass Resources Inc.

relationship of david and jonathan

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She drew many of them on the altar of a seminary chapel. A Queer History Project. He has a M.

relationship of david and jonathan

He works in higher education administration as well as being a freelance illustrator based in Northampton, Massachusetts. Lidbury portrays the embrace of David and Jonathan with full frontal nudity. By this literary figuration, the friendship is stylistically framed as one of intense affection as can only be referenced by that affection between a man and a woman in love. By such a comparison, the poetry gains its effectiveness and its literary artistic value.

Without it, it becomes rather hum-drum in style. In this narrative, which roughly spans from I Samuel 16 — II Samuel 8, David begins to gain prominence in the court of King Saul, who sees the ever popular David as a threat to his kingship. During this time, David and Jonathan form a covenant, which is another word for treaty. Essentially, David and Jonathan, due to their great friendship, establish conditions for complete loyalty to one another.

More importantly, Jonathan swears loyalty to David over and against his own father, King Saul, and against his dynastic house.

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Jonathan was, in effect, giving away his own claim to the throne of Israel and setting himself in opposition to his entire family, all for the sake of David. This much is explicitly stated in I Samuel And Jonathan established a covenant lit.

And Jonathan continued to cause David to swear by the love by which he David had for him Jonathanfor he David loved him Jonathan as his own soul.

David loved Jonathan more than women

In this political context, it is well established that the language of love and hate is used to describe the forming and dissolving of such treaty alliances. Most importantly, the covenant that YHWH establishes with Moses in Deuteronomy is based upon the concept of love expressed as a pledge of loyalty. Consider the very famous Deut. And you shall love YHWH your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.

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Simply put, the language of love in vassal treaties indicates the loyalty of one political entity to another. This is true even for the deeply affectionate love between David and Jonathan, which is about a political alliance between two affectionate friends who had likely spent a great deal of their childhood together in the court of Saul. If a literary analysis tends toward it, a political analysis demands that we view their relationship in this way and not as homoerotic.

What to Take Away We must avoid reading our own cultural proclivities into the Bible or any ancient text for that matter. Our own cultural aversion to homosexuality, ironically produced by its own hypersexuality, has rendered affectionate male friendship inadmissible.