Peter parker and gwen stacy relationship questions

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peter parker and gwen stacy relationship questions

Free fun printable spider-man trivia quiz questions with answers about Peter Parker, his ablilites, his love life and more! Gwen's father, New York City Police detective captain George Stacy is accidentally killed A: A romantic relationship. For a shy, intelligent guy, Peter Parker seems to have a certain way with the ladies. They care very deeply for one another and one of the issues even has It is obvious that Mary Jane and Peter have a connection, but it. A Short, Uncomplicated Guide to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's Before that, early issues of Amazing Spider-Man spent almost a year This led to Peter dating Gwen again while MJ, still a good friend to the duo.

However, only the really dedicated Marvel and Spider-Man fans will know this young superhero's middle name. It has come up in the comics many times, first appearing when Peter had to go get a passport, and a comic panel showed him handing over his birth certificate - with the middle name written on it. However, it hasn't become a big part of his mythology in general.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship questions

Ned Rob Jon It's not surprising that Peter Parker has had many friends and mentors over the decades that he has been one of Marvel Comics' biggest superhero characters. However, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new version of an old friend appeared - a fellow student at Peter's school, who happens to share a name with a comic book character from the early days of Spider-Man.

However, the similarity between the two ends there, and it seems that this friend is primarily a new addition to the Spider-Family.

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Question 10 Who was the villain of Spider-Man: Green Goblin Vulture Falcon Spider-Man has plenty of villains for movie makers to choose from, when it comes to pitting him against someone amazing for the big screen.

Homecoming, marvel chose not to use one of the biggest names, however, but to set Spidey up against one of his first villains from the comics. This winged bad guy also turned out to be his date's father - which caused Peter more than a little anxiety, when he found out picking her up for the dance. Question 11 What is the name of the bully Peter Parker faced at school?

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However, there are a few that Peter tangled with in high school, but that stayed with him for years - including his high school bully! This kid may have started out as a bad guy in the simplest sensebut he actually gets his own comic arc, eventually growing up and becoming a super powered Marvel character in his own right.

Question 12 And what super-character did that bully become? Venom Green Goblin The Lizard Although he started off as a bully, and was less than nice to Peter Parker in high school, things changed for this character as he grew up.

He eventually became a decorated war hero, before bonding with an alien symbiote that is well known in the Spider-Man mythologyand using the powers that it gave him in order to become a hero working for the government.

Since then, things have changed again, but what is the name of the hero that he was? Question 13 Which city does Spider-Man live in? LA Chicago New York Unlike the DC comics universe, which creates many fictional cities for its heroes to live in along with a few real ones, these daysthe Marvel Universe stays for the most part rooted in reality when it comes to home bases for our various heroes.

Spider-Man lives in the same city as a majority of major Marvel characters - making fans wonder if there can be any crime left in this world class real life city in the Marvel Universe? Question 14 What did Peter Parker do for a living at first? Waiter BusBoy Newspaper Delivery Peter Parker has been a part of the Marvel comics universe for so long that he's had a few different professional roles by now, but most fans will still associate him with one specific job.

In most of the films, this is the job that he takes immediately out of school to help pay the bills, and despite his overbearing boss, it turns out that he is quite good at it. Of course, the unfettered access to Spider-Man doesn't hurt!

Question 15 Who was his boss at that job? Reed Richards Otto Octavius Perry White At the newspaper where Peter Parker worked as a photographer for many years, he dealt with one of the biggest non-super powered characters in comics; this man. Chief editor and publisher of the paper, he's good at his job Despite Peter's attempts to make him see Spidey as a hero, this man continues to agitate against him as a vigilante and a menace, while demanding more photos of him to accompany those negative stories.

Question 16 What is the name of Peter Parker's current company?

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Parker Industries Neighborhood Industrial Parker Tech Of course, the days of Peter Parker as a freelance photographer taking photos of Spider-Man are long behind him, and he's grown into an accomplished scientist and industrialist. Now, he owns his own company, involved in global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies, with multiple offices all over the world.

The company also supplies tech to SHIELD, as well as other government organizations, and is not affiliated in any way with Peter's secret identity as Spider-Man for very obvious reasons.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship questions

Question 17 Other than Peter, who else has been Spider-Man? Reed Richards Bruce Banner Miles Morales Unlike some other heroes, Spider-Man isn't yet a legacy hero, with younger supers taking up the mantle over time.

However, there has been another Spider-Man, thanks to the Marvel Ultimate universe. Like Peter Parker, he gained his powers as a teen, is a talented scientist, and was bitten by a spider. Initially, he doesn't want to become a superhero at all, but in this universe, Spider-Man was killed in a battle, and this young man decided that he would have to take up the mantle. Question 18 What is Spider-Woman's real name? Osborn told them that Peter was really their father and was responsible for their mother's death.

However, seeking to confirm it, Peter goes to Gwen's grave and digs up a sample of her DNA to compare to the twin's DNA which was obtained from the envelope of the letter. During a brief confrontation with Sarah just after the DNA analysis completed, Peter learns that she clearly resembles her mother, but is forced to escape when Gabriel attacks.

She has kept it from him all these years because Gwen was distraught and begged her not to say anything, as well as not wanting to taint Peter's memory of the only woman he ever loved as much as- if not more than- he loves her. Arranging a press conference, Spider-Man tells the twins to meet him on the bridge where Gwen died, where he tells them the truth about their origins. Sarah believes Spider-Man — concluding that he would never have dug up Gwen's grave to acquire a DNA sample if he thought there was even a chance that he was their father, Spider-Man having never even run his own DNA against theirs because he and Gwen never reached that stage in their relationship — but Gabriel does not, resulting in him attempting to attack Spider-Man only to accidentally shoot Sarah.

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With their metabolisms out of control due to the Green Goblin formula they inherited from Osborn, Gabriel returns to a secret base that Osborn told them to travel to after they had completed their mission, taking the Green Goblin formula and briefly becoming the Grey Goblin - the formula apparently stabilizing his aging problem at the cost of what remains of his sanity - while Sarah is taken to hospital and is given a transfusion of Spider-Man's blood while in the hospital.

Spider-Man's abnormal blood also serving to stabilize her condition, both physically and mentally with Mary Jane imagining Spider-Man 'kicking Norman's ass' on a cellular level as his blood defeats the anomalies created by the Green Goblin formula in Sarah's system. When Grey Goblin tries to attack the weakened Spider-Man, Sarah shoots Grey Goblin's glider, recognising that Spider-Man is not responsible for their mother's death, causing an explosion that results in her brother vanishing.

Sarah flees from the hospital, while Gabriel is later found washed up on a beach with no memory of what happened. Spinning directly out of the events of The Amazing Spider-ManSpider-Man locates Sarah in Pariswhere Sarah has her brother suffering from amnesia restrained in her home.

With the help of Spider-Man and InterpolSarah helps build a case against a criminal called Monsieur Dupres in exchange for the Interpol's help with her rapid-aging disease which is causing her, and Gabriel, severe headaches. However, during this time Gabriel escapes, prompting Sarah to join Interpol in hopes of finding her brother.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship questions

Brand New Day[ edit ] Main article: Brand New Day J. Michael Straczynski ultimately wished to retcon the characters out of existence using the events of the " One More Day " story arc, but was not permitted to do so. Stacy", yet Spider-Man states that Harry Osborn is Norman's "only son" although this may have been metaphorical.

He introduces himself to Harry Osborn then shoots his half-brother in the chest. After his attempt on Harry's life, Gabriel confronts the American Son battle suit and demands to know why "he" interfered.