Misaki and usui ending relationship

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misaki and usui ending relationship

Read Chapter 1 from the story A love-hate relationship!(Kaichou wa maid-sama) by Miniiwa with reads. highschool, trial, anime. usui said as he knocked on the door slightly leaning on it."I'm leaving for --End Chap 1. Continue. Read Chapter 3 from the story A love-hate relationship!(Kaichou wa maid-sama) by Miniiwa with reads. trial, usui, misui. As Class ended Usui Stood up. A love-hate relationship!(Kaichou wa maid-sama) . It begins with the same old dislike and love and ends up into takumi and misaki becoming a couple.

It would've been her cheek or her lips, had the student council room been empty. But, much to Usui's dismay, Yukimura was still scribbling away on a piece of paper at the end of the room.

He stood and made his way over to her, handing her the paper he'd been working on. She jumped and turned on him.

misaki and usui ending relationship

Anyone could come in here! Can I get back to work now?

misaki and usui ending relationship

She resumed her work, thankful for the peace, for a mere five minutes before someone shouted out 'ow! She glared at Usui.

She was insanely flustered. She pointed a finger at Usui who was blinking.

misaki and usui ending relationship

Sakura was bending over in the doorway, her hands resting on her knees as she caught her breath. They understood but she elaborated anyway. Her eyes were pleading. But I know- we all know-," She winked at Usui.

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He's never looked at anyone else. She let Misaki go and smiled breathlessly at the couple. She stopped in the doorway, her hand on the door handle. The bell echoed through the halls and Usui smiled as Misaki looked between him and her paperwork.

She wanted to go into the kitchen and talk to Usui but, everytime she caught a break, a new customer would arrive and she'd be dragged back into serving. She was rather grateful for the smiles he gave her when she entered the kitchen briefly to collect the meals. Immensely relieved at the sound of the last customer leaving, Misaki let out a breath and took her time changing.

Now that she had the time to talk to him, she was fretting. When she exited through the back door of the cafe, he was propped up against the wall, waiting for her. His eyebrows were raised. She moved slowly into his embrace and laid her head onto his shoulder, her nose resting in the crook of his neck as his arm wrapped around her back and her free hand gently clutched at his shirt. He pressed his lips to her forehead and kept them there for a long, silent moment.

misaki and usui ending relationship

He chuckled softly in her ear, his voice like honey. This made Misaki tried her best to win the race. While in the race her opponent Gouda pushed her near the side of the school's swimming pool causing Takumi to save her and race for her. Misaki continue the race even though she knew she would not win. When Takumi beat Gouda, he rejected the prize of letting Sakura kiss him. So the prize went to Misaki who was the runner up and Sakura kissed her on the cheek.

Misaki feels happy for Sakura seeing her in love, describing Sakura as cute.

misaki and usui ending relationship

Misaki didn't know how to handle the situation and stood up to Kuuga, saying she won't hand Sakura over to him. Later that night, after being scolded by Shizuko, Misaki found herself comforting Sakura by patting her head.

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Sakura then makes sure that next time she falls in love, she'll make sure that he pats her in the head. Edit Shizuko angry at Misaki Shizuko is another of Misaki's good friends, who is in the flower arranging club along with Sakura. She is quiet and thoughtful, but often has angry outbursts at Sakura, reprimanding her for her tendency to fall in love so quickly with the wrong guys.

As revealed in episode 11, she is very good with computers, but is evidently an average student, as she is only in class with Sakura. According to Sakura, she has a brother and sister in university and junior high, and that all three of them look alike.

Edit Tora kisses Misaki His first appearance was not with Misaki. They met after Tora reviewed a file about Seika High School and its president. Upon meeting her and noting her beauty, Tora is quick to kiss her hand and try to "woo" her. Tora praised her several times for how she ran Seika High.

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Seeming to have mixed feelings; looking forward to future dealings with Ayuzawa and an interest in her yet having an odd distaste towards her, he is not one to give a straight answer. Tora asks Misaki to join Miyabigaoka High School. Though she is hesitant, Tora assures her he will take care of the admission work. As she brings up her inability to pay the fees, he offers her a scholarship.