Jay and jon gruden relationship tips

Jay Gruden: Jon Gruden would 'fare quite well' in coaching return - Washington Times

jay and jon gruden relationship tips

Jon Gruden stocked his Bucs staff with future head coaches. That staff featured six future NFL head coaches: Gruden, Kyle Shanahan, Jay Gruden, Mike his father, Mike, then head coach of the Denver Broncos, offered some advice. We all have long-lasting friendships and relationships based on that. Jay Michael Gruden (born March 4, ) is an American football coach and former He is the younger brother of Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden. The three Gruden boys — Jim Jr., Jon and Jay — were born in Ohio, as Jim Sr. Gruden's familiarity with Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen — dating from their years together in Fantasy Football Tip Sheet Newsletter.

As a low-level offensive assistant, Shanahan's primary function was to draw up every play being used in that week's game plan. Every Tuesday morning, he'd arrive to a list of about drop-back pass plays Gruden had left for him, turn on some Lil' Wayne and spend the next 10 hours drawing those plays on a computer. After that first year, Shanahan took his father's advice to heart.

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It didn't hurt that he was working at a place where defense was king and the coaching staff was unafraid of offensive interlopers. Tomlin, Barry, Morris, Kiffin and Woods never batted an eye at having him around, teaching him the finer points of the Tampa-2 scheme.

They also gave Shanahan their tip sheets, and after games he would watch the defensive game tape.

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But it shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of competition. With so many young alpha males on one staff, there were plenty of intense basketball games and racquetball matches with the requisite trash talk along the way. And then there were the practices. It was challenging," Tomlin said. We sharpened our swords on one another. We were highly competitive.

jay and jon gruden relationship tips

He pitted us against one another. It was fun, man. We all have long-lasting friendships and relationships based on that shared experience.

jay and jon gruden relationship tips

The defense generally stuck to the Tampa-2 system, and Gruden and the offense were so familiar with it, they'd often gash the defense in practice. Shanahan would tell the defense it needed to do something else, only to be rebuffed because the defensive coaches were simply refining the scheme that would almost always work on Sundays behind the guidance of Pro Bowlers such as Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber.

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I really want him to have success. This business is hard, and I know what type of competitor he is. It used to be just Jon or just Jay for a while. I might go out and walk around the block. Kathy watches every play of every game.

jay and jon gruden relationship tips

When Jay called Jon Tuesday, he did so at 7: Nowadays if they have a common opponent, they can discuss that.

But Jon will benefit more than Jay: They have two common opponents and the Redskins played each first. We know how hard it is to coach in this league and how hard it is to win any game.

jay and jon gruden relationship tips

We also love the game and competition. Only, he was concentrating on the teams playing on MNF. He also work with quarterbacks in the offseason, including former Redskin Kirk Cousins. While Jon stayed current on NFL players, coaching offers an entirely different set of challenges. The collective bargaining agreement in altered how much time could be spent with players, how often they could practice and with how much contact.

Jon Gruden picked his brother's brain after taking the job in Oakland as he tried to learn about some of the challenges of coaching that changed since he was last on the sidelines.

How much are you involved in that? How do you develop a player?

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What do you do when you lose five linemen and you play at Seattle? We support each other. We understand the issues.