Final fantasy tactics ramza and agrias relationship problems

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final fantasy tactics ramza and agrias relationship problems

Ovelia Atkascha is a major character in Final Fantasy Tactics. but runs into trouble at Zeirchele Falls, and Ramza, Agrias, and Gaffgarion catch up to them. For Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on the PSP, Not his girlfriend, not his wife, not that girl that he has a relationship with but doesn't holiday fanfic that I found that suggested Ramza and Agrias end up together. THIS CONTAIN SPOILER so Agrias join Ramza at the end of the final Everyone's fate is after the last battle is pretty ambiguous. . and engulfs each one in his own problems (it's not like Delita seems FFT is my favorite game. These are speculation based on the relationship and time that being.

The legs are supported by a leather strapped girdle with a gold buckle holding groin and thigh suspenders, worn over white leather pants. The lower leg and feet protectors are worn over brown boots. This outfit is not seen in the end of the Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions remake where he retains his mercenary outfit from chapters 2 and 3. Personality Edit Initially Ramza's motivation to fight and protect others is mainly to uphold his family name.

His character profile states that "he turned out worst of the four siblings and is aware of it", and wishes to prove himself worthy of the house name.

Agrias Oaks

After deciding to leave House Beoulve, Ramza becomes a mercenary working under Goffard Gaffgarion wishing to protect people from injustice, even claiming "he had no wish of changing the world for just a select few while others suffer".

Ramza learns a name means nothing if injustice is used to uphold it, a belief he maintains even when the Church of Glabados brands him a heretic.

In the second battle against Barich in Necrohol of MullondeRamza proclaims a man without pride can never be free, becoming a hero who fights more for others than for himself.

The point of Ramza's character is to show the true reasons behind virtue; people who do "good" by manipulation of others are not really virtuous, and the true "good", expressed through justice, is shown by Ramza; false "good", expressed through manipulation with good intentions, is expressed by his childhood friend Delita Heiral.

True heroic actions are rarely recognized, but are necessary regardless of the lack of rewards. Skip section Ovelia's group. Edit Ramza desires to be a hero and uphold the name of his family, the House Beoulve. He is enrolled at the Academy in the Magick City of Garilandalong with his best friend, Delita Heiral, a commoner who enrolled into the Academy at Ramza's father Barbaneth's request.

Delita and his sister Tietra's family was killed by the plague, and Barbaneth had taken care of them despite their status as commoners, and Ramza and Delita have been best friends ever since. While still a squire, Ramza is caught up in a struggle with the Corpse Brigadea group of former knights who were abandoned at the conclusion of the Fifty Years' War who now right to usurp the nobility.

At Argath's request, Ramza defies his brother's orders and sets out to rescue Elmdore from the Brigade. The three apprentices go to the desert to rescue the Marquis, and while Dycedarg is furious at Ramza for disobeying his orders, Duke Larg commends him.

Ramza is assigned to attack a band of Corpse Brigade members led by Milleuda Folles in one of the Corpse Brigade's hideouts. During the battle, Ramza comes to realize the reasons behind their actions.

final fantasy tactics ramza and agrias relationship problems

This, as well as the response of the Knights of the Order of the Northern Sky, leads both Ramza and Delita to doubt the morality of their country's actions. Ramza defies Argath by sparing Milleuda's life creating a rift between them.

A frontal assault on the Brigade positions is planned, but Delita wants to sneak around behind to rescue Tietra. Argath's contempt for the lower classes leads to a quarrel between him and Delita, which Ramza breaks up by kicking Argath out of his squad.

Ramza and Delita launch an attempt to rescue Tietra, but kill Milleuda and invoke the rage of her brother, Wiegraf Follesthe leader of the Corpse Brigade. Wiegraf wants to avenge his sister, but is defeated by Ramza and Delita and escapes.

At the Battle of Ziekden Fortress Delita's sister is killed by the very people who were supposed to rescue her. Ramza realizes the treatment of commoners by the Northern Sky and the Beoulves is unacceptable, and joins Delita in his retaliatory attack on Argath, who was leading the Northern Sky force's attack on Ziekden Fortress and who killed Tietra.

The fort detonates and Ramza flees, deserting the Order and his family, thinking Delita died in the explosion along with Tietra. Carpe Diem - - The interior of the small cabin was barren and cramped, though Alma had done her best to liven it up this stormy night.

In addition to a few well-placed rugs on the wooden floor, she had added a flower vase to the square dining table, accompanying the brisket and potatoes she had prepared for Ramza once he came back to their temporary residence.

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Of course, she hadn't forgotten the mug of warm milk her brother preferred in lieu of alcohol; Alma had gotten quite accomplished at milking the cows in the months since they left Ivalice for the unknown lands. Yet the milk and brisket were turning cold as the minutes turned to hours, and the homely hovel was clouded in quiet as she waited for Ramza, all alone in the candlelight.

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The fair-haired lass sighed, slapping her hands futilely against her skirts and watching the door, wondering when Ramza was to return.

It was Ramza and Agrias' turn to night-watch for the bandits that had been plundering this village, but Agrias has already departed on her own mission a few days ago, leaving Ramza to go about it alone.

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Though she still had bouts of jealousy concerning the female knight's closeness to Ramza, Alma wished Agrias was here to keep her brother safe in the dangerous darkness.

Alma knew Ramza was devoted to protecting anyone within sight, but surely she could help in some way? The girl rose from the dining table and headed for the door, deciding to retrieve Ramza before it got any later. She is guarded by her bodyguard Agrias Oaks and the mercenary Goffard Gaffgarion. Ramza Beoulveas part of Gaffgarion's mercenary group, is also assigned to protect her.

The monastery is attacked by the Order of the Northern Sky knights, disguised as knights of the Order of the Southern Sky so as to pin the blame on Goltanna, when in fact his rival Duke Larg, and his assistant Dycedarg Beoulveare to blame. While Ramza and his friends rush outside to deal with the fake Southern Sky knights, Delita HeiralRamza's childhood friend and a real Southern Sky knight working as a spy within the Northern Sky, enters the monastery through a back door and kidnaps the princess.

Delita takes her east towards Fort Besselat but runs into trouble at Zeirchele Fallsand Ramza, Agrias, and Gaffgarion catch up to them. Gaffgarion betrays Agrias, and reveals he was hired by Dycedarg to dispose of Ovelia, as her existence is preventing Larg from becoming the regent. Delita has taken a liking to Ovelia and protects her, allowing her to fight as well. Ramza remains true, and Gaffgarion and the attacking knights are defeated.

Delita allows Ramza to take Ovelia with him and departs. This proves to be a mistake, as Delacroix has his own ill intentions. Ovelia and Agrias are taken prisoner, but Agrias escapes and rejoins Ramza. Delita, who has also infiltrated the church, later arrives, as does Folmarv Tengilleleader of the church's Knights Templar.

Folmarv and Delacroix interrogate Ovelia and claim she is not the princess and the real Ovelia had died as a baby.

final fantasy tactics ramza and agrias relationship problems

They posit that the council, not wanting Queen Louveria to have a hold on the throne, took her, a child of unknown parentage, and gave her Ovelia's identity. Whether this is true is never determined though one might assume it is, since Folmarv had no reason to lie at that point. A confused princess is easier to manipulate, however, so Ovelia might have been told a lie to shake her confidence.

Delita takes Ovelia away from Lionel Castle and delivers her to Goltanna who places her on the throne so he can be her regent.