Divyanka and vivek relationship marketing

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya tell us how they fell in love!

divyanka and vivek relationship marketing

Bollywood News – Divyanka Tripathi speaks on her relationship with co-actor Vivek Dahiya. express-leader.info Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi from TV series 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' As Pankaj played Cupid, Divyanka and Vivek's relationship slowly. And, we thought same was the case with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Divyanka Tripathi (Ishita Bhalla) and Vivek Dahiya (ACP Abhishek). But, their.

And when she does she will give a lot of her contemporaries a run for their money! How does it feel living in Mumbai, after living in a city like Bhopal?

Which one do you personally prefer? Bhopal is beautiful and Mumbai is MAD!

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I could be biased, but whenever I come back to Bhopal, I see development happening here. I see wider roads, cycling tracks, Raja Bhoj Setu, grafittis, colourful artworks. It is a mad city that gets you addicted to its pace, to running around, to have a different lifestyle.

divyanka and vivek relationship marketing

At the same time it lacks in a lot of things like traffic, infrastructure rule etc. The joys of small town with its scenic beauty and comfortable pace is incomparable. However, even Mumbai is magnetic for a lot of people. What do you miss the most from Bhopal in Mumbai? I miss this garden the most, the greenery here, the feeling of being close to nature and witnessing its raw beauty with birds chirping and seeing all seasons. I love being able to go out and meet my friends and relatives here.

Even the last time I came on Holi, we had gone for a picnic to Delawadi. The expectation of the audience from television serials is evolving now. What do you think they expect more now? They complain about content being repetitive and revolve around saas bahu and saazish. But it has been observed that till the time a story revolves around a woman, who is strong, can hold together a family and attached to India roots, they like it more.

They want innovation around such topics only. Our TRPs are very black and white, and they tell us in absolute numbers what is being watched the most, and it is these kind of ghar ka drama serials they watch. However, there are quite a few refreshing concepts in channels which are being aired.

They are not TRP driven and cater to the other kind of audience who want different kind of entertainment. What about the growing popularity of web-series? Will that affect television content too?

The market and audience for web-series is completely different. TV is for the masses, but web series is still in an experimental phase, there are no set viewers for the same. It will take one or two years for them to come up with a standard of measurement of TRP for the series.

Of course their content is open and bold, which sometimes works and sometimes gets brickbats. Technology has not really reached everyone in the country so it will take time to gain popularity. No one had imagined such a big market would be created. Your win from the last season of Nach Baliye was celebrated widely!

How was the experience of being in that kind of reality show? Even now, after nine months, it feels like a fuzzy dream. At that time we were so into it, that we were quite disconnected from anything else. It was an extraordinary amount of effort, we were sleeping less, eating less and practising really hard, more for the people who looked up to us.

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And we did emerge as winners! I had learnt dance and yet I kept learning during the show. When we look back at our performances we find ourselves questioning how we did it despite all the time constraints. So if the male lead Karan Patel found his perfect match in the real life daughter of his onscreen father-in-law Abhay Bhargav; then the female lead, Divyanka Tripathi was helped to find her partner by her brother-in-law in the show, Pankaj Bhatia.

It was Pankaj who felt that Divyanka and their co-star, Vivek Dahiya — who had recently joined the cast — were made for each other. We met through our co-star who knew us both very well. He thought we both would be very compatible and are meant for each other.

So it was based on his suggestion that Divyanka and I took the initiative to get to know each other better. It was our common friend and co-star Pankaj who told us that we are both very similar, and to see if things would click between us. Was it love at first sight? Not at first sight. In our case, it was love in just two meetings. So what attracted you to each other? That Divyanka is such a responsible partner.

The way she balances her personal and professional lives. Her humility and kindness, how soft-spoken she is. I can trust Divyanka blindly. These are all the qualities that attracted me to her. His simplicity and maturity are what attracted me. He knows how to handle me.

He is polite and well mannered. He is not a typical industry person and that is what makes him different from the crowd. And above all, he is open-minded and transparent like me.

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya tell us how they fell in love!

What was the moment like, when the two of you decided to get married? When I popped the question, she was flabbergasted.

divyanka and vivek relationship marketing

I actually had to shake her to make her realise it was real and not a daydream. I really thought this was the best gift I could give her on her birthday. The moment was truly special and his unexpected proposal made it surreal. I felt like a princess from a fairy tale. Was the transition from being lovers to becoming life partners smooth?

Yes, it has been very smooth and we are happy together. The bond is growing stronger with each passing day.