Chuck and blair relationship analysis

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chuck and blair relationship analysis

Or that once Chuck realized that Blair has met somebody new he sabotages her relationship? And what about the fact that after the sudden. Now, we all know what an emotional rollercoster Chuck and Blair's relationship has been. But their love was magnetic; they would get back to. You all know how I feel about relationship goals, so it probably won't I think that Chuck and Blair are the worst couple ever, and I am going to.

How can one conceptualize just how much Chuck Bass loves Blair Waldorf? But Chuck loves Darth Vader just fine. How can loving someone for pure and genuine reasons as such not be true love?

Loving someone and knowing it when having never loved anyone before. He wanted her to understand that.

chuck and blair relationship analysis

Chuck has always loved Blair so. To him it was imperative that she understood that. Giving her the necklace was his demonstration of love, the way he always does it when she had been most in need of it.

chuck and blair relationship analysis

But the padding is obsolete when it is not genuine and pure, when it is not freely given, when it means nothing.

It was sex, the physical illustration of love.

chuck and blair relationship analysis

I think i understand why all this time Chuck was afraid of love. Blair was the first person to show Chuck real love, I will say since 1x Both Chuck and Blair have dealt with issues of worthiness and perfection and what is expected of them.

When he showed up to her room broken, despite how broken she was herself, she allowed herself to be broken further so they could be broken together, then he could feel just how much she is in this with him.

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That has to be true love. How could it not be? The extend is boundless, of course. It was his misery he was too comfortable in. Misery was his home. He believed his father never loved him.

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So his self-loathing gratified that. Pushing Blair away was saving her from himself.

chuck and blair relationship analysis

It was true love. However, it would take a lot to drag Chuck Bass out of that place he was in. He had no self-love so all the love that he would need to cure him came from Blair.

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Like it said, no love is perfect. I still however wish the aftermath of it would have been much more consequential.

chuck and blair relationship analysis

Chuck choosing the hotel over Blair is a double-edged knife. At the beginning of s3 Chuck had been the perfect boyfriend, surprisingly so, but he had been.

Chuck and Blair’s Epic Love Story: The Complex History of Gossip Girl’s “Chair”

I figured that he was forcing himself to be that perfect. Blair showing Chuck that she believed in him was monumental in how he changed at the end of s2 and early s3. But everywhere i went. Chuck Bass is a narcissist. There are also four main types of narcissism that vary in behaviours, but this article is already bound to be far too long, so I will try and keep it generalist. Now, is narcissism necessarily a bad thing? Some people think that on a scale of narcissism, everyone would fall somewhere on the spectrum, which I agree with to an extent, someone with confidence and vanity are nowhere near as likely to inflict emotional damage on the people close to them as someone with this disorder.

So why are people attracted to narcissist? Many studies have been done on the first impressions people form when they meet a narcissist and there are now several explanations as to why people are so easily drawn to them. First of all, they are confident, their own sense of self-importance leads you to believe that they must be special. Narcissists tend to be very charming, witty and intelligent, they are exhibitionists and tend to dress in a way that demands attention purple suits or red onesies ring a bell?

No, the story does an amazing job of slowly and realistically developing the character through his various interesting story arcs. Through the character of Chuck Bass, the producers want to claim that if one fights through the negatives of living in the Upper East Side, one will grow and become so much better than his past self and than those around him.

The show uses brilliant methods to show how Chuck grows.

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There is the relationship with his father. At the beginning, Chuck acts the same way as his father does in many ways. Later on, Chuck sees what a despicable human being Bart Bass truly is and he does everything is his power to not be like him.

The most influential relationship he has is, obviously, that with Blair Waldorf. That girl is the single most powerful indicator as to why Chuck changes so much. I hate how most characters in TV shows have scenes where they get all honest about themselves to their friends or lovers. Chuck Bass is not like that.